[Disney Cruise] Day 4

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'm back with another installment of Disney cruise updates! We're on to Day 4 now, Cabo San Lucas. If you missed Days 1, 2, and 3, you can find Day 1 hereDay 2 here, and Day 3 here.

On Day 4 of our cruise, we stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While Seth and I had both been there before, we still decided to get off the ship and explore. We went in 2009 with Seth's mom and aunt and while we did go zip lining, we didn't really explore as much as we wanted to.

Our day started VERY early...so early in fact that we had to set an alarm (the horror!). Our excursion was set to meet at 7:15am so we could all disembark together, so we had to get up, dressed and fed by around 7:05am. No tour should ever start so early on vacation, but nevertheless, we made it (barely - Seth had to run back down to guest services to get a new Key to the World card since he somehow lost his between leaving the room and getting to the meeting place - luckily it's easy to get a new one)!

Now Cabo was different than Ensenada. Due to the cove being too shallow for the cruise ship to pull in and just the way that the dock is situated, the cruise ship had to "dock" in the middle of the ocean. It's kind of hard to explain, but we were close, we just had to take little shuttle boats to get to the land. They pulled up right next to our ship, there was a little walk way, and we got on the little boat. It was a short 10 minute boat ride to get to the actual dock in Cabo. Now, this is the part where if you get sea sick, you might have an issue. It was BUMPY or turbulent, or whatever you call choppy water. I was a little worried about Mason because we didn't know if he would get sea sick or not, but turns out, he's perfectly fine!

Our ship with the little "shuttle ships" taking people to the dock

So we got to the land, got off the boat, and headed to our meeting place for our tour. The tour that we signed up for was two parts - one by sea and one on land. We started off with a little harbor cruise on a yacht like boat (it was smaller than the cruise ship but bigger than the shuttle boat). I'll be completely honest. I was a little disappointed in this part. The boat ride was literally maybe 30ish minutes and took us to one side of the arch and then the other (as you'll see below). I thought maybe they would give us some history on Cabo while we sailed, but it really wasn't anything special. The view though, almost made up for the lack of "entertainment" from the boat staff.

Once the harbor cruise portion of the tour was done, we made our way over to the bus stop area to get on a bus for the land portion of the tour. Now this tour was pretty great. Our tour guide, Armando, knew tons of information about Cabo and about Mexico in general and was super informative. It almost made up for the lack of information on the harbor cruise. The land portion of the tour was roughly an hour, maybe a little longer, and took us to a couple different stops. Our first stop was a restaurant/hotel that over looked the ocean. This was definitely one of the highlights as the view was GORGEOUS and... they gave you free booze! Haha. Each person got a ticket for a free drink and when we got there, we exchanged the ticket for a small beer. Unfortunately for Mason, he is not old enough to drink, so I gladly took one for the team and had two beers myself.

After we spent some time taking in the views, we were back on the bus and on to our next stop - a glass factory. Now, while I think glass factories are big in Mexico and they make some amazing products, I kind of felt like this stop was a ploy for us to buy stuff. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how they make the different glass products (they showed us how to make a vase), but after that, we were just given time to walk around... aka shop. We didn't end up buying anything and headed back to the bus to wait for the rest of the passengers.

Make yourself comfortable!

The selfie king.

At this point, the tour was pretty much over and they took us back to the bus station. We ended up hanging out in town and having lunch at SeƱor Frogs and walking around to do a little shopping while some of our other family members went swimming with dolphins.

Around 2:30pm we headed back to the boat as we were told that we had to be back by 3:30pm so the ship could leave. We got back on the ship, got cleaned up, and got ready for dinner. Dinner that night was themed - Pirate Night!

Now with all our adventures that day, you may notice that Mason never napped. Keep this in mind...

After we finished getting ready, we took a few pictures, and then made our way to the restaurant that we were having dinner at that night - Triton's. Though we ate there on night 1, on this night, all the restaurants had the same "pirate" themed meal so we were simply in that restaurant just for convenience.

The dinner started off fine, everyone was doing well, Mason was a little cranky but nothing I didn't think my phone couldn't fix until... all of a sudden he put his head down on the table and we didn't see him moving for a few minutes. THE KID FELL ASLEEP AT THE DINNER TABLE. No nap - 1, Mason - 0. Uh oh. He was fine for a few minutes, we were even mean and put a pirate hat on him, and then all of a sudden, his arm slipped off the table and he almost fell into my nap and he was not happy. 

I put him on my lap and he fell back asleep and we tried to finish our dinner, but Seth ended up taking him back to the room after a little while.

He ended up waking up shortly after they got back to the room, Seth ordered some room service for Mason, and I came back shortly thereafter (with an extra dessert that our waiter basically made me take to Seth since he missed dessert - not that I was complaining). I also made Seth take a picture of me in my pirate outfit since we didn't have a chance to really take pictures since Mason fell asleep.

We ended up missing the show that night, which was a comedian/juggler, but since Mason had a little power nap, we were able to go outside for Mickey's Pirates of the Caribbean Party. I'm so glad that Mason woke up for this party because he had an absolute blast dancing to the music and enjoying the show and the fireworks. And we even got to see Mickey fly through the air!

After the party was over, we called it a night. We went back to our room and got ready to go to bed in preparation for Day 5!

Days 5 and 6 coming soon!


  1. That's so wild that you had to take little "shuttle ships" from the cruise ship to land. I never thought that I'm a "cruise" person, but all of your activities make me think that I could handle a Disney cruise.

  2. Ha ha! Had to take one for the team and drink two beers. You are my kind of girl! ;) beautiful excursion even if the boat ride was disappointing. I love the pirate themed dinner. That's so fun. Disney cruise sounds like a cruise is enjoy.

  3. So fun! And you know Mason is not ready to give up naps! My 4 year old niece fell asleep on me one night at dinner when we cruised too. She hadn't napped in months but I guess the sun wore her out!

  4. I'm so ready for a cruise now!! So much fun! And the pirate themed dinner...how awesome is that?

  5. I am SO jealous! I really, really, really wanna visit Cabo sometime...& then maybe fall asleep on the dinner table dressed as a pirate. Ha! So sweet. :)

  6. What beautiful views! So funny that Mason fell asleep at the table!

  7. Gorgeous views!! Oh, Mason asleep at the table, so cute though!! :) And your pirate costume is awesome, looks great!!

  8. Mason's bus selfies are the cutest! Im also really impressed by your pirate costume, did you DIY it or buy? Swimming with dolphins would be awesome! Did they enjoy it?

  9. The view from our time share in Cabo looks right out to the cruise ships. It's always so fun to see the shuttles scurry to and from the ships!
    How disappointing that your sea portion of your excursion was a let down. Did your captain or crew give any of the legend on the rocks that are around the arch, or even the arch itself??
    If not, here's a fun one: The arch, if you look closely, looks like a dragon taking a drink - the head is the left side of the arch, the arch forms the neck, and the right side of the arch is the body of the dragon.
    Poor Mason! That picture of him passed out at the table is the funniest. Good thing he didn't miss the fireworks or flying Mickey though!!

  10. The day with the beautiful pictures! You make a really great pirate friend. Love getting a glimpse into your vacation fun.

  11. aww sleeping at the table! Did he go to sleep after that just fine? If Aria so much as car snoozes her bedtime is a pain in the butt.


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