Friday Fivin'

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Friday! As always, I've been looking forward to this Friday since Monday and am so happy that it's finally here! But before I go celebrating too soon, let's start the weekend off with my weekly five...

Watch Me Whip, Whip.

I saw this picture on Instagram the other day and I thought it was so funny. And I actually laughed longer than I probably should have lol. I mean, what a funny play on words! 

Copycat Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice.

Last week I figured out how to make my own caramel apple spice. Sorry Starbucks! My version is pretty darn good so I may not be needing to hit up Starbucks quite as often anymore. It's seriously so easy too - I just filled the cup with apple juice, heated it up in the microwave, dipped a spoon in my caramel sauce, stirred it around, and added some whip cream to the top and voila!

200 Things to Throw Away Today.

Christina from Carolina Charm shared this article for 200 Things to Throw Away Today last week on her blog and I read it and love it. I'm totally guilty of hanging on to things too long "just in case" when in fact, I never end up using them again.

- old product boxes (I still have my laptop box from a couple years ago in my closet!)
- magazines
- extra mugs (but I NEED all those Starbucks mugs!?)
- stretched out hair ties (but I might need it?)
- Target bags I might use again (I actually do for trash bags... but I have an over abundance)
- old planners and old bills
- just any extra stuff I keep but never use

And so much more! Time for some Fall cleaning!

Soup in the Crock Pot.

One of my Fall Wish List items was to try making soup in the crock pot. I've actually been wanting to do this FOREVER but it was so hot that I never wanted to eat anything hot for dinner. But now that California has finally decided that it wants to be Fall, I decided to try it not once... but twice!

The first recipe we made was for this Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup. Honestly, I didn't love it. I mean, I haven't had Panera's version in a while, but for some reason, it just didn't seem quite right. We did have to add a little more salt and pepper after it was done cooking, but I just didn't love it.

The second recipe that we made was this Butternut Squash Soup from Gimme Some Oven. We made this last night and it was DELICIOUS. Like so, so good. We paired it with grilled cheese sandwiches and I'm happy to say... we will definitely be making it again! If you like butternut squash soup at all, I highly recommend this.

Visits with Santa.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... I'm so excited to be co-hosting a Santa Photo link up with some of my favorite bloggers. Join us on December 10th and share your 2015 Santa photos! The link up will be open on all of our blogs - The Chronicles of WeChateau DeveauRunning from the LawWife Mommy MeSweet Turtle Soup, and myself - so feel free to link up on any of our blogs between December 10th and the end of the month.

Not a blogger, no problem! Share your photos with us on social media using #visitswithSanta15 ! 

And just for fun... here's a little flashback Friday for you of Mason's experiences with Santa last year. If this year is anything like last year, I should have some good photos to share!

Have a great weekend!


  1. have you seen the new holderness family video? "watch me sip, my chardo- nae nae, sip sip my chardo- nae nae" ha

  2. Another fun link up! You really are busy this season! And yes I read that list Christina posted and was nodding in agreement too! Don't get me started on why we have to save every grocery bag! They are taking over my closet. Even with using them in our bathroom trash cans and for every poopy diaper, we still can't go through them all!

  3. So, get this. I just made a supposed "copycat" broccoli cheddar soup to for Panera. Luke & I were soooooo disappointed. ugh!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Panera's Broccoli Cheddar soup and have tried to copy it ... oh.. I don't know... a dozen times and NOTHING compares. So it's not you... it their magical cooking elves that make it so dang good... and impossible to duplicate.

  5. This is my fave broccoli cheese soup -> Every other one I've tried sucks. balls.

    That shirt really is too funny.

    Happy Visits with Santa!

  6. I keep a lot of things in boxes so I keep them for that. Otherwise I love throwing things away. I hate clutter and having stuff I don't need. It is hard sometimes to get rid of the stuff you might need someday.

  7. Definitely going to check out that throw away list, I've been on a throw away/get rid of kick and want to clear our house of excess 'junk'. And soup in the crockpot, yes please!! Adding a recipe to next weeks menu. Happy Friday, friend!! :) Can't wait to see more Santa pics.

  8. That t-shirt - hahahahaha!! I'm seriously tempted to buy it. Scott may kill me though. :)
    I need to take a look at the 200 things list. I know I hang on to stuff for entirely too long, and Scott is always telling me we have too much crap (we do). But the mugs? I'm not sure I can part with those.
    I need to get some soup in the crock pot. Soup is one of my favorites to eat on "chilly" days. And that butternut squash soups sounds fabulous. Sadly, Scott isn't as enthusiastic as I am.
    Lastly - I cannot wait for the Santa photo link up!! Here's to hoping we get some good ones at Irvine Railroad this year!!

  9. You are so busy this holiday season! I am loving all the link ups! I cannot wait for terribly crying Santa photos - I know...that probably makes me sound like a horrible mom. I mentioned visiting Santa to Mac the other day and he got all teary and scared and I didn't know whether to comfort him or encourage it! :) Hahahaha!

  10. {heads over to the 200 things to throw away website} Yep, so much junk I need to get rid of! And now I want some apple juice so I can make that drink! It'll have to make next week's grocery list!

  11. That get-rid-off list seems very helpful and I love making soup in the crockpot

  12. I'm a mega Purger anyway but add in moving and nothing is safe from being thrown away! Lol I probably shouldn't check out that list but I totally will

    Also I have DL mug envy

  13. Crock pot soup has been big in my kitchen this season! You just can't go wrong! I was at my friend's son's elementary school for a movie night fundraiser and the Principal announced he was going to do the Whip Nay-Nay at their next assembly and I was dying!!! I probably laughed longer than was appropriate, too!

  14. Oh my goodness...if I learned how to make any of the Starbucks drinks I would do it everyday! Especially caramel spice!! I somehow have to learn to use my crockpot. I own one and have never taken it out the box...I must change that!! =)

    Have a great weekend! Melanie Blog: Toots + Dill

  15. I love the santa pic link up idea, so funny! Scarlett will probably cry in her photo... I'll be surprised if she doesn't... or I'll have to sit on Santa's lap with her like last year... lets hope that's not the case. This post is also making me hungry, between that latte and the soup bowl. Yum.

  16. I need to check out that list to through away! I'm such a minimalist that I purge a lot but I already feel like we have too much stuff in just 9 months! So excited for our little link up too! Happy Friday!

  17. lol. Seriously. the Santa picture link up is THE link up for you! I lol'd when I remembered your posts from last year with Mason. I can't wait to see how the pictures go this year! I would say, I hope a bit better but honestly, I love a good fit throwing on Santa's lap..or on the floor next to all of your cousins! ha!
    Thanks for sharing Christina's post! Somehow I missed that but would love to read it! I am a major purger but for some reason there are random things I enjoy holding that over stretched pony tail holder or whatever just because I miiiiiight need it one day!

  18. I have SO many old boxes from various things we have purchased over the years. I keep them because I figure we can use them for when we move to transport their appropriate electronics. Like our TV box? How does one transport a TV without it's original box? Lol it's a problem.

  19. Love that shirt!! So cute! Though not I have that dang song in my head...thanks! HA ha! I love soup in the crockpot too. I can't wait to link up with Santa pictures. We are going to see him on Friday. Can't wait to share how the kids do. :)

  20. I'm in major nesting/decluttering mode. We just got new floors put in and had to take EVERYTHING out of our great room and kitchen and now I don't want to put it all back. Wish I could sell it all but I don't want to hold onto it that long....

    Hash tagged Ellie's Santa photo just now!!

  21. So much to love here! But I pretty much just want to run to my fridge and raid it for caramel and apple juice. YUM!!!

    Can't wait for the Santa link-up. So much is going on I really need to fill in my planner.

  22. I love the shirt that says watch me sip sip, watch me chardo-nay-nay!! So cute. Can't wait to see all of the Santa pics!!


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