Thanksgiving Weekending.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving has officially come and gone and now we're on to full on Christmas mode over here! I'm always so, so excited to put everything up, especially the tree, but come the first or second of January, I'm so ready to take everything down and de-clutter and then... I'm sad it looks so empty. Ha. But for now, we decorate!

Thanksgiving weekend started off early for me on Wednesday when I left work at noon to go pick up Mason. His school closes early on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I was just so excited to have a job that was flexible enough to let me pick him up this year instead of making Seth take time off.

I thought I was golden... picking Mason up around 12:30pm, bringing him home, and putting him down to nap. I knew I was taking a chance since 12:30 is nap time but I just handed him some snacks and my phone and we were good to go. We got home quickly and I put him down and got to work. I figured I had a good 4+ hours until Seth would get home and I could work on the present I was making for him (more on that tomorrow!). I got out all of my materials and brought everything downstairs and spread out all over the table. I was doing my thing and everything was going well until the doorbell rang. I figured it was just the FedEx or UPS guy dropping off a package and then leaving so I walked over to the door and through the blinds I could see who it was... SETH. Noooooo! I mean, I'm usually happy he's home early, but not when I'm working on a special present for him! Ugh. So needless to say, he ruined the surprise, but I was planning to give it to him that night anyway since it was too heavy for me to carry back upstairs anyways. So it all worked out in the end.

Thanksgiving morning we spent at the turkey trot. My friend works for the chamber of commerce and is the one that puts on the turkey trot and we've gone every year that she's worked there (minus one when we were up north visiting my family) to support her.

Not too shabby of a view while we walked...

Livin' the life

And then... if our 3.1 miles wasn't enough... we spent too much time talking with our friend before heading back for the bus back to the car and we... missed the last bus!!! Literally as we were walking up to the bus stop, the bus drove away. I figured it wouldn't be SO horrible to walk back to the car, especially since we'd be eating a lot later, but then I realized it was 3 more miles UP HILL. And then I died a little inside. But nevertheless, we had no choice so we walked. And Mason? He was a rockstar!!! We pretty much refused to carry him since it was all up hill but he didn't care and totally didn't mind walking and walked about 95% of the way back to the car. Thank you Mason! A Thanksgiving miracle :)

We got back to the house, put Mason down for a nap, and then got ready for dinner. And when we got to Seth's mom's house, we were greeted with the cutest little veggie turkey tray made by my niece!

 We ate way, way too much dinner and then attempted some pictures before we ate way, way too much dessert.

The next morning we had planned to go to breakfast and get our Christmas tree. We had originally planned to do so as a family but we stopped by Seth's mom's house on our way to drop something off and our niece, Emma, was there and she wanted to come so we invited her to join us. First stop : The Original Pancake House where I got my very favorite thing, a bacon waffle.

After we stuffed ourselves some more, we were off to find our Christmas tree! I had originally wanted to go back to where we got it last year, Irvine Park, but my sister in law said that Home Depot was super cheap so I reluctantly agreed to check it out first. I don't know if it was just because it was the day after Thanksgiving, but they didn't really have a good selection and all of the trees were either too tall or too short for what we wanted, so, in the end, I ended up winning and we headed to Irvine Park. Emma was a big, big helper and helped to wrangle Mason while he tried to run all around the place looking for the perfect tree.

Love this picture where he's totally copying her and shielding his eyes from the sun.

 We purchased our tree and we were on our way home!

While Seth unloaded the tree and installed the base, Emma and Mason decorated the windows with the Christmas window clings that I had picked up already and then shortly after, Mason took a nap.

For lunch, Emma decided that she wanted to make us something, but we didn't have all the ingredients so I took her to the grocery store, we picked up the ingredients, and Seth helped her make lunch (though she probably did 90% of the work, he was there to supervise with the stove). After Mason woke up, we headed over to Nanny's house for leftovers and then came back to snuggle on the couch in our pj's.

Saturday was pretty low key. In the morning Mason went to his ABA class and I went to work for a few hours. I got back just in time to go with Seth to pick Mason up and when we got home, Mason took a nap. Nanny came over a couple hours later to watch Mason so Seth and I could go out to celebrate our friend Seth's birthday and it was nice to actually have an adult night out!

Sunday morning and afternoon were pretty low key and involved lots of laundry, a trip to Costco and the grocery store, and a little decorating of the tree. We had already put the lights on on Friday, but no decorations. I let Mason pick out the first ornament and of course he went straight to Mickey's Clubhouse.

After lunch, Mason took a nap, I attempted to do 286782362 things at once, including starting to address our Christmas cards! I'm pretty excited about them and can't wait to send them out hopefully in the next few days.

I ended up needing to wake Mason up around 4:40pm since we needed to leave at 4:45pm to meet Desiree, Scott, Marcus, and Julia for the LA Zoo lights. We had so much fun last year (despite it being like the ONLY day it rained in Southern California all season) that we wanted to do it again. Thankfully this time, there was no rain :)

And today we're back to the daily grind. Our holiday weekend high is wearing off and it's back to work for me. Happy Monday!


  1. That turkey veggie tray is fun! Good tree pick at the tree farm! Wow I wish we had tree farms like that here.

  2. What a weekend! Ours was pretty busy too... It's hard combining thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas into one weekend! But I'm totally with you on the roller coaster of emotions when it comes to the Christmas decor! And I love the photo of you and Mason on thanksgiving where you two are looking at each other... So sweet!

  3. What a busy weekend! But it sounds so fun! You guys take the best family pictures all the time! :)

  4. Glad you had such a great weekend! Great family pictures!! We need to get our tree yet.

  5. I loved your snaps of the zoo lights. They have zoo lights here. Your posts kind of make me want to go.

  6. What a fun weekend! That bacon waffle looks so good! And the veggie tray! Cute! Can you tell I'm hungry?!

  7. Bacon waffles and Christmas trees? What a great day!! And what in the world happened with Seth coming home early AND missing the bus? Double whammy! At least you smiled through it. :) What a great weekend!! Happy Monday!! :)

  8. What an AWESOME weekend. Love the Turkey Trot. That veggie tray, SO cute. Those Christmas trees all looked beautiful they aren't as pretty around here. Mickey Mouse Club House, E would LOVE that and bacon waffles.... NOM. Love it all!

  9. 3 miles turned to 6 miles!!! You guys are crazy! And bacon waffle!! I want I want I want! I also LOVE your tree (and that your niece came along! So sweet)! I can't WAIT for my Christmas card in the mail... So send it soon ;)

  10. Wait. You didn't tell me Seth found out about his gift early!!
    And, I'm still laughing about that last 3 miles you walked. You totally earned your Thanksgiving dinner!
    Can you convince Scott we need a real tree?? I want a real one - and to pick it out - SO BAD!!
    Zoo lights was awesome. We must go again next year!

  11. Looks/sounds like such a nice Thanksgiving weekend. I love your pajama bottoms in the picture with you & Mason just hanging out. :)

  12. A bacon waffle?!?! Wow that looks amazing. And your Christmas cards look super cute. Can't wait to see them!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! Love your Christmas tree--can't wait to get ours soon!

  14. Looks like a WONDERFUL weekend. Love the pictures of Mason/Christmas trees hopping. Also, that waffle... YES PLEASE!! :)

  15. I do understand the de-cluttering, but I could leave my tree up year round. I just love it. Puts me in the best of moods. I get sad when I have to take it all down. The turkey trot looks like fun and you definitely can’t beat the views. The turkey veggie tray is awesome. She did a great job. I love the picture of you looking at Mason. It melts me. I am going to have to find some of those bacon waffles. Holy yum! Irvine Park looks so fun and festive. I love that it’s a “Christmas Tree Ranch” like something you’d see here in Texas. Where are your pjs from? Love them!! Your cards look great and the washi tape is the perfect addition!!


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