Thankful - Day 16

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today was day 1 of my 3day breast cancer walk in San Diego. If I knew how to upload photos to the blog from my phone, I would, but I don't so the pics will just have to wait until Sunday when I get home. Today I am thankful for my friend Vickie's mom. She is amazing. We are doing the walk with her sister and her brother in law. He is such a trooper too...he even wore a tutu today with us! Vickie's mom is amazing and came to cheer us on along with Vickie's sisters daughter, Danielle. The two of them made signs and cheered at that cheering station. By the time Vickie and I reached the cheering station...we were done. Vickie's mom drove us to lunch and then ultimately picked us up from camp and brought us to our hotel...the hotel she paid for for us! Once we were all done walking, we went to dinner. A dinner that she paid for for us. So so so nice. So thankful for her today!