Thankful - Day 17 and 18

Monday, November 19, 2012

A little behind again... but I wasn't near a computer the past couple days and then life got busy... so alas, home from work, eaten dinner, baby is sleeping, watching Dancing with the Stars AllStars and... blogging!

November 17 - Thankful Day 17

Today was day 2 of my 3day walk and today I am thankful for my amazing AMAZING donors! Without all of them, I could not have done the walk. Literally. If you don't complete your fundraising, then you either 1. can't walk or 2. have to pay the remaining yourself. So I am so so so so THANKFUL for everyone who donated to my walk and who helped me fund research to find a cure for breast cancer. As we found out at closing ceremonies, the San Diego 3day walk helped to raise OVER $6 MILLION!!! WOW! So incredibly proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing thing.

Here are some highlights from day 1 and 2.

Day 1

Top left : Heather and Craig. Top right : Me and Vickie
Bottom : All of us before opening ceremonies
Top : the flags that say who we walk for. I walk for my mom.
Bottom left : Vickie and I. Bottom right : In our tutus
Top left : we walked 20 (ish) miles on day 1! Top right : Vickie, her mom and I. Her sign says
 "you support my boobs better then my bra!"
Bottom left : one of the sweep vans called "titty taxi" (they all have "breast themes")
Bottom right : all of us in our tutus before opening

Day 2

Beautiful rainbow as we leave for day 2
Top : Vickie and I at a pit stop
Bottom : our aching feet
Top left : 40 miles down! Top right : jello shots :)
Bottom left : massage chairs at camp! Bottom right : before the beginning of day 2

November 18 - Thankful Day 18

Today I am thankful for my legs and feet. These are things we normally take for granted. They are there. We move them. We walk. But lots of people are not as fortunate as we are to have working legs or feet. While I complained... a lot... that my feet and legs hurt and that I had blisters, I am HAPPY that I have feet and legs to hurt and to get blisters on. Today I am thankful that I have fully functional feet and legs.

Day 3
Before the start of day 3 
 Starbucks!!! Minor detour :)
Seth and Mason came to cheer us on!
Closing ceremonies
I am so proud and honored to have walked in my 3rd 3day walk. I have done all of the walks in San Diego and I couldn't be happier to have been a part of the walk. Every year at opening ceremonies I think "I won't cry. My mom has been gone for almost 10 years. I'm ok" and then the opening ceremonies come... and the spokesperson for Susan G. Komen comes out and... she knows just what to say.
We walk so that mothers can see their daughters get married.
We walk so that we can meet our grandbabies.
And the tears come. As my friend Vickie said "whatever they are paying this lady isn't enough!". She good. Real good. She hits you right in your core and reminds you why you walk. Why I signed up for the 3rd time to walk so, so many miles. As much as my legs and feet hurt, I had an amazing time. From the "melon men" with mini watermelons in their bras to SD police decked out in pink to motorcycle men helping to be safety monitors to grown men wearing tutus to titty taxi sweep vans, I couldn't have had a better time. If this happens to be my last year walking, I'm glad it ended the way it did.

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  1. I still remember 10 years ago like it was yesterday. Thank you for your inspiring love and dedication to your mom. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom, sister, daughter and friend. Your post brought me to tears. I miss you more than words could express. In awe of you my dear friend. I love you.


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