Thankful - Day 26 - 29

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wowee. Boy has life taken over this week! I've wanted to catch up on my blogging every night but there's either not enough time or I'm too tired. This has been my week...

Monday - work 7am-3:30pm...actually leave at 4:30pm. Go to the grocery store. Get home at 5:30ish. Wait for Seth and Mason to get home. Feed Mason. Put Mason to sleep. Eat dinner. Fall asleep on the couch at 8pm (maybe? maybe it was earlier?!)

Tuesday - work 7am-3:30pm... actually leave at 3:40pm (getting better!). Get home around 4:15pm. Clean up a little. Wait for Seth and Mason to get home. Play with Mason a little. Put him to sleep. Eat dinner. Watch Dancing with the Stars from the night before. Fall asleep on the couch at... 8:30pm.

Wednesday - work 11-7:30. Seth dropped Mason off early so I could sleep in a little since I think I am getting the cold that everyone has and I cannot afford to get sick this week. Found out that Melissa and Tony won DWTS (yay!), watch a little tv. Went to Target to get Mason and my prescriptions. Go to work. Get home around 8pm. Eat dinner. And... make it to 10pm!

And today... Thursday - work 7am-7:30pm. Get home at 8pm. Mason is awake! YAY! Eat dinner. Watch a little tv and blog :)

Day 26 - November 26

Thankful that today is OVER!!! Wow. What a day! My boss is on vacation this week and of course everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. Today started off with me walking into my office to a huge pile of papers all over the floor.

What the heck happened??

So I turn on my computer to find an email from my boss that is... 2 1/2 pages long with 40 to do items!


This is shortly followed by one of my employees throwing out his back trying to move a box. I have to say though, he was moving the box correctly, but he has a history of back problems and one bad move and... he can't move. This is 7:50am. They call my into the warehouse and tell me he threw out his back and I immediately think they are playing a joke on me (I know, I know... I feel bad now, but they always like to play jokes on me!) Long story short... my employee is taken to the hospital on a stretcher in an ambulance! Well that's not how I expected my day to start.

This is followed up by our school internet not working. We call over the IT guy and what does he find? Our extension cord for the internet server thing ELECTRICAL TAPED into the plug!!! And it making "zap zap zap" noises. Not good. He pulls out the plug so it doesn't start a fire (I can't believe it hasn't started a fire yet seeing as how the plug as probably been like that for ages) and finds out that our internet server thing is fried. So after a couple hours, someone comes to replace the server and... the internet still doesn't work. The IT guy comes back and works his magic and it works again :) By now it is almost time to go home and I'm sure someone somewhere did this on purpose so I couldn't cyber Monday shop!

The day is finally over... I feel like I haven't actually done any work that I am supposed to do, but I am just so thankful I made it through this day that I don't care :) until tomorrow!

Day 27 - November 27

Thankful for my boys! These two know how to make me forget about all the problems I had all day and how horrible my day and week has been. To hear that little giggle and see Mason smile, just turns my frown upside down and makes me so happy! Mason loved being on daddy's shoulders... not sure if daddy did though because Mason grabbed his hair so he didn't fall! (even though Seth was holding him)

love, Love, LOVE

Day 28 - November 28

Today I am thankful for colder weather. I love wearing sweaters. I love cuddling up on the couch in my pjs and drinking hot cocoa or coffee and watching a movie. And most of all, I love my baby wearing jackets and hats! How is he so dang cute with that little hood on?! And with that beanie?!?! Just melts my heart :)

Top left : a couple weeks ago before going to Costco. Top right : tonight
Bottom left : Disneyland on Sunday. Bottom right : a couple week ago before Costco

Day 29 - November 29

Today I am thankful that this week is almost OVER! SO THANKFUL! I am also so thankful that I got to see my baby awake tonight! I don't know how he does it, but Seth always seems to know just what I need. I was driving home tonight and Seth texted me and asked how long until I would be home. I said 10 minutes. I thought he was just wanting to plan dinner so it was hot when I got home, but then I got this text :

Happy boy!

along with a "see you soon!" I was SO happy that Mason was awake and I would get to see him. I was so sad that I missed him all day yesterday. They left the house at 6:30am and Mason was sleeping when I got home at 8pm. He slept all the way until 4am today and Seth being the amazing husband that he is, got up to feed him so I could sleep for an extra hour. He gets up slightly after me so if I got up at 4am, we would be done feeding Mason at 4:30am and by that time I should just stay up. Seth gets up at 5:30am so he fed Mason and was able to sleep for another hour too. I got to see that sweet face for like 10 minutes this morning before heading off to work for12 hours. So I got home and played with Mason and kissed him a million times and then put him to bed before we had dinner. Those 15 extra stolen minutes today with my sweet chunk-a-monk was just what I needed today :)

And today... today Seth is thankful that I am so far behind on my blog posts because he didn't know I was doing 30 days of thanks and he just realized it and is on day 2 :)