Thankful - Day 20-22

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I am thankful for staying awake past 9pm and for having time to update the blog!

November 20 - Thankful Day 20

Today I am thankful that I made it home from work safely. Traffic was horrendous on the way home, which it almost never is when I close and leave work at 7:30pm. I turned down the street to head to the freeway when... flares in the road and tons of police cars and police directing traffic.

What could it be?
A BAD accident.

At first I thought it was one car and a bike. Oh no. Then I saw another car and thought it was a motorcycle. Then... I drove past and it turned out to be 3 cars... 2 badly, badly damaged (looks like someone ran a red light either turning or going straight and the other person t-boned them, and then took out another car. Wow. I don't know when the accident happened but I'm thankful that it took me as long as it did at work so I wasn't involved in the crash.

I finally get on the freeway and I'm driving my normal 70mph speed and then we come to a stop. A full stop. Oh no again. Things start moving a little when I drive past 2 cars stopped in the middle of the freeway now trying to move over to the side of the road. To me, the cars looked fine, but I'm sure there was some sort of accident.

I finally get past them and then things come to a halt again. This time for no reason. Which I hate the most. When people just randomly stop. I finally, finally get on the next freeway and make it home safely. I kiss my boys and have dinner and am thankful that I made it home safely.

November 21 - Thankful Day 21

Simple, short and straight-forward... today I am thankful for my four day weekend and getting to spend extra time with my boys :)

November 22 - Thankful Day 22 - Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for having such amazing family and friends. Today started off with me, Seth, Mason, and Kenneth heading down to Dana Point for the Turkey Trot that my friend Vickie is in charge of. She works for the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce and they put on the Turkey Trot and we wanted to support her. We signed up for the 5k open which is really meant for running, but we stayed at the back of the pack and walked the 3.2 miles.

Top : turkey trot starting line
Bottom left : me, Mason, Seth, Kenneth. Bottom right : Vickie and I

We got home and Seth started to cook (we were in charge of mashed potatoes and a deviled egg appetizer) and I had a mini photo shoot with Mason to take pictures of him in his "my first Thanksgiving" outfit.

My First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was at Bubbie's house (Seth's Grandma). There were quite a few of us there including Seth's mom, his dad, his grandma, his uncle, his sister, our brother-in-law, our nieces, and our brother-in-law's parents. Our brother-in-law's parents, George and Judy, are like Mason's third set of grandparents. We are all super close and act as family even though we technically aren't. I couldn't imagine things being any other way though.

I am thankful for having such amazing family to celebrate holidays with. Seth's family has adopted me as one of their own, which I have been thankful for for some time now. But today I am thankful that I get to celebrate with them.

We got home from Bubbie's house and I went to change Mason before we fed him and put him to bed. I've been dying to put Mason in his Christmas pj's for some time now (since like 2 months ago when I bought them lol) and I thought tonight would be the perfect night. I thought Seth would be mad I was already putting Mason in Christmas stuff (he likes to celebrate one holiday at a time), but I did it anyway. Turns out he thought Mason looked super cute and wasn't mad at all! Plus technically Thanksgiving is over (well in 2 hours... over for Mason since he's sleeping!) so it's time for Christmas now, right?! :)

Love, love, LOVE Santa tushy :)

So after we fed Mason and admired his super cute outfit, we had a mini photo shoot...

Love that sweet face.
Love that little tongue sticking out.
Love my little family.
So much to be thankful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!