What happened to my sleeping baby??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't let this photo fool you. Yes, he is sleeping soundly here (I know I should leave him alone to sleep but he just looked so darn CUTE that I couldn't help myself. Yes, Seth yelled at me. But also, yes, I had my phone on silent! He didn't move at all) but this only lasts for like 45 min these days. Well nap time does. Night time sleep (thankfully!!!! knock on wood) lasts longer.

According to my log, the first time he slept through the night, realllly slept through the night was on his 2 month birthday, September 18. Slept from 9pm to 4am. Hallelujah! Mommy and daddy were quite thrilled to say the least. Also a little scared too... cue mommy checking to make sure he was still breathing.

The next day he slept for 6 hrs straight, next night 6 hrs, 5 hrs, 5 hrs, 5 hrs, 5 hrs, 6 hrs, you get the picture. Then he started still sleeping really good but in two increments. A 4-5 hour increment, eat, and then another 4-5 hour increment. Could be worse. Then I started back at work and it got better again.

4 hrs, eat, 6 hrs
6 hrs, eat, 4 hrs
5 hrs, eat, 5 hrs
7 hrs, eat, 2 hrs
3 hrs, eat, 7 hrs
one night even 8 straight hours!!

Napping had gotten more consistent as we developed more of a schedule as well. About 3 one hour naps during the morning after we drop him off at daycare followed by one long 3ish hour nap (even on the weekends when we are home). Now all of a sudden (actually just within the past few days) his daytime nap time sleeping has gotten bad. He cries a little when we put him down, but we give him his pacifier, we turn on his sleep sheep for white noise and he's good. You see his eyes closing. He nods off....almost to dream land when...bam! His pacifier falls out and its like the end of the world. We quickly pop it back in his mouth, his eyes close so quickly and he's back on his way to dream land. And then the pacifier falls out, usually next to him or in this case, right on top of him (or I've even caught him on the monitor pop it out and it flings across the crib - actually quite funny if you catch it at the right time lol). Now we are quite proud we got him to sleep when bam! 45 min have gone by and the sleep sheep turns off and what happens? Mason is wide awake and crying! What happened to my sleeping baby? He sleeps in 45 min increments now.... sometimes slightly longer if we're lucky. I don't know how she does it, but when Mason is at daycare, he sometimes has amazing naps all day. Like 3 hour morning nap followed by a 3 hour afternoon nap. She must be a baby whisperer.

The past few days he's been crying more and having trouble eating. Like he doesn't want to eat. We thought maybe we needed to up his Zantac for his silent reflux (to the doctor recommended dose - we wouldn't up his medicine without asking a doctor), so we did but that didn't help. I thought mayyyyybe he was starting to teeth. Is that to early? He'll be 4 months old next week. He's been drooling tons and tons (like a faucet almost) for over a month, almost two. But I don't see or feel anything. However, I guess if he just started acting fussy, maybe they haven't broken through yet? Or maybe he has a slight cold? He has no fever but he's been sneezing more then usual.

Questions for the doctor next week at his 4 month check up! Poor baby has to get more shots... breaks my heart to see him in pain :( I teared up the last time... better bring tissues for the mommy!