Thankful - Day 24

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today I am thankful for new toys, friend lunch dates, impromptu cousin visits, and Christmas lights! Kinda random, I know, but still the things I am thankful for nonetheless :)

This morning started out slowly with breakfast and coffee for mommy and daddy and some playing for Mason. Cindy and Stephen (our pseudo brother and sister-in-law) gave us some of their daughter, Kayla's, toys that she had outgrown. This toy happened to be a hand-me-down from our niece Addison to Kayla and now to Mason. It's an exersaucer. I've been excited for Mason to be old enough to play in it because I thought he would really like it. It's at it's lowest setting and he can barrrrrrrely touch the ground if he stands on his tip toes. He seems to really like the birdy and the music that the toy has.

Where's the music mommy??

Hi birdy!

This afternoon we had plans to meet my friend Katie and her husband Ryan for lunch. I used to work with Katie at the bookstore but she quit when she graduated and moved on to go to school at UCLA. I miss seeing her everyday at work and don't get to see her as much as I would like now that we are both doing our own thing. Luckily, holiday weekends are perfect times for lunch dates :) We met a Lamppost Pizza and had a yummy lunch and got to chat. Mason had a minor meltdown but then ate and was a happy camper again.

We left Katie and Ryan around 2pm and headed back home with a quick pitstop to Lazy Dog Cafe to meet Seth's Dad's cousin Lauren, her husband Michael, their daughter Tiffany and Seth's Grandma. They were in town and took Seth's Grandma (Bubbie) to lunch and wanted to see Mason so we stopped by.

Mason, Tiffany, Lauren, Bubbie

Kisses from Tiffany

After our little visit, we headed home and Mason took a nap. I got out our Christmas stuff (like I said yesterday, at least it's after Thanksgiving now!) and started decorating. I've been wanting to take a picture of Mason with Christmas lights since before I knew Mason was Mason. I saw a picture on pinterest and wanted to recreate it. Now, I'm not so good at being fancy with the camera but I did my best :) I think they came out pretty good!

Happy boy playing with Christmas lights

Now little chunky is sleeping peacefully and snoring away. I just love to look and listen to him on the monitor. Now... back to decorating!