Thankful Days 1-12

Monday, November 12, 2012

I've been wanting to do the 30 days of thankful but have just been behind the ball on it. So I decided today, since I have the day off of work, that I would catch up and do days 1-12 today. I know its a bit late and we are almost half way through the month of November, but hey, better late then never, right?

Day 1 - November 1

Thankful for November! Thankful for colder weather (I'm sure I am going to regret this when it's actually cold and rainy and I will want warm weather again) and for excuses to stay inside all day in our pjs and drink coffee or cocoa and watch tv and cuddle. Thankful for holidays and for excuses for me to dress Mason in his cute, festive clothes (poor kid... he's going to hate me for this one day! lol).

Day 2 - November 2

Thankful for Friday! The best day of the week...once the clock strikes 3:30pm. Free for the weekend! Thankful for lots of baby kisses and family time. Thankful for more time to watch my sweet baby's development while he plays with his play gym. Luz sends me pictures of Mason while he is at daycare with HUGE smiles on his face, but I am always excited to see him so happy for myself. I've tried to tape the pure joy and excitement he gets from playing, but he is sneaky and when he sees me pull out my phone or the camera...he gets a straight face. I had to sneak attack to get these :)

I love to play and grab and pull on to my toys!

Day 3 - November 3

Speaking of daycare... I am thankful that we have such an amazing person to watch Mason while we are at work. She loves him so much and treats him so well. She made his a "welcome" card on his first day, sends me lots of pictures to show me how happy he is, celebrates the holidays with them, and teaches him - I can see the changes already.

Mason gets to be with his cousin, Addison, all day and with another little girl, Emerson. Emerson is the little girl that I refer to as Mason's girlfriend. I used to think it was only one-sided because when I would put him down in his car seat then she would get a HUGE smile on her face and come over to him and put her hand on his foot gently. He didn't seem to have any reaction to it until one day... when he too got a HUGE smile on his face! Only 3 months old and already impressing the ladies. Boy are we in trouble...

Day 4 - November 4

First I have to start with someone I am not so thankful for...daylight savings time! My poor little baby was sleeping SO well until today with the time change. He normally sleeps from 6 or 7pm (depending on what time he woke up from his last nap at daycare was and when he ate) until about 8pm-ish and then eats again and sleeps until between midnight and 2am and then sleeps from then until about 5am when he eats again and usually goes back down for a quick nap from 5:30-6:30am while mommy and daddy get ready for work. However... daylight savings time baby...wakes up at 4am. Not so fun. By the time we are done feeding him, its 4:30 or 4:45am and do you go back to sleep for 15-30 min? Though you desperately want to, probably not a good idea as you will probably wake up more tired then you are now. So we get ready and enjoy some tv and playing time before heading out for the day.

Now on to what I am thankful for! Thankful for mother-in-laws! It was Seth's mom's birthday on October 31, Halloween, and I feel like she gets short changed ever year, especially now that there are so many grandkids. Though she LOVED spending the night feeding and cuddling Mason, we didn't really get to celebrate her birthday. So, Sunday, the 4th, we went out to dinner to celebrate Nanny (aka Seth's mom)! Happy (belated) birthday Nanny! xoxo

Day 5 - November 5

Thankful for my "other family". The Fentons. They are my brother-in-laws family but we are all so close they are basically our family too. Seth got close with them when his sister, Erin, and her husband, Shawn (our brother-in-law) were dating and then when they got married. And now they have taken me in too. We spend tons of time together whether it be holidays or birthdays or just because. George and Judy are Mason's other grandparents and Cindy and Lynda and Stephen and Scott are our other sister and brother-in-laws. Tonight, Nov. 5, was Lynda's birthday and we went out to dinner. We were a little late due to traffic but had a great dinner with great company none the less!

Day 6 - November 6

Election Day! 1. Thankful that Obama has 4 more years! and 2. Thankful that the election is OVER! Finally everyone can go back to their facebook posts about reality shows, holidays, work, etc. and no more bashing on this candidate or that. Thankful that I got home in time to watch at least some of the election coverage after I got home from work. And thankful for no more junk mail (well... political junk mail for 4 years I guess lol).

Day 7 - November 7

"God bless the broken road that led me straight to you!" Thankful for my amazing husband. SO thankful. Thankful that he is patient and kind and understanding. Thankful that he is such a good cook. Thankful that he is such a good father to our son and he always knows how to reassure me that everything is ok when I start freaking out. Thankful for everything he does for me. Thankful that he is who he is! And thankful that he has put up with me for the past 2 years and still wants to spend many more with me! I absolutely love my life and my little family. I am so blessed. I don't know what I did to get this lucky. Happy Anniversary Seth! I love you so much!


Day 8 - November 8

Thankful for fall weather...finally! I mean I really can't complain since we have amazing weather in California, but really? 90 degrees in November? NOVEMBER?? I think it's time for fall to start... or I guess winter? We really only get summer and winter here. Thankful that I get to dress Mason all cozy and warm in his cute long sleeve onesies and pants and jackets. Though I have to admit... I miss seeing those chubby, amazing thighs of his!

All bundled up to go to Costco!

Day 9 - November 9

SO THANKFUL for all the AMAZING and GENEROUS people who donated to my 3 day walk! I made my fundraising goal (and then some!) a couple days ago with all of the generous contributions of my friends and family. This is my 3rd year participating in the 3 day walk and I am so proud to be a part of something so important. This cause is especially important to me because I lost my mom to breast cancer almost 10 year ago. I walk so nobody else has to lose their mom at age 18. I walk so moms and daughters can share in graduating from college joy, wedding joy, and baby joy. I walk until we find a cure.

RIP Mom. 11/7/51 - 1/17/03. I love you and miss you so much.

Day 10 - November 10

Thankful for my step-mom whose birthday was November 10! My dad and step-mom are having an amazing time in Kauai (crazy to think that Seth and I were there at this time 2 years ago on our honeymoon!). Thankful that she came into my dad's life at just the right time and that she could make him feel "whole again" after my mom died. Thankful that she is such an amazing grandma to Mason! And thankful that we get to see her and my dad (and my brother - who will meet Mason for the 1st time!!) in December! Happy birthday Hallie! xoxo

Day 11 - November 11

Thankful for friends! Thankful to have made such good friends when I moved here 6 1/2 years ago. Thankful that we keep in touch even though we have all grown in our careers and are super busy. Thankful that we still find time to get together and have fun days like "friend Thanksgiving". Thankful for good food and good friends and good laughs! And thankful for Pinterest for lots of yummy recipes!

Thankful for leftovers to eat for lunch too :)

Day 12 - November 12

Thankful for those who serve and served our country! And thankful that I got an extra day this weekend to spend with my family :)

Lovin' on my little man


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  1. Ever so thankful to have you for my daughter! And very thankful that you are doing this blog, and sharing your thoughts and feelings and pictures with us and your friends. We love you all very much, and can't wait to be with you soon in December.
    Dad & Hallie & Dave


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