[BOY MOMS] Emily from Dear Owen

Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome to a Special Friday Feature of Boy Moms!
I had asked Emily from Dear Owen if she would like to contribute to the Boy Mom series about a week ago knowing that she was due was #2 in about 3 weeks, a little girl! I wanted to feature her today since I knew baby girl could come anytime, but surprise! She came before Emily's post got to be posted! A huge congratulations to Emily and her family on their new addition!
Here's why Emily has loved being a boy mom for the past 22 months before Claire's arrival....

Hi, there! I'm Emily, I'm a wife and Momma to one sweet toddler with a baby girl on the way! I am a Speech Language Pathologist turned (mostly) Stay at Home Mommy.  I share about our little life, our house projects, and my love for speech and language development on my blog Dear Owen. I'm excited to be here on Chasin' Mason today to share all about why I love being a #boymom!

Although my days of being an exclusive Boy Mom are nearing the end I have to say the last 22 months have been nothing short of life changing.

On March 26, 2012 our sweet little Owen was born.  From the moment I laid eyes on him and held him in my arms my life was forever changed. He has taught me what is truly important in the world. He has taught me about Grace, how to receive it and how to give it. And he's taught me that love truly is all you need. 

A few things I love specifically about being a boy mom-

All the cuddles. I'm sure all Momma's would say this but I have to say my little guy sure knows how to cuddle and show love. I've always heard boys are crazy about their Momma's and although we certainly have our days the good days most definitely out way the bad.


Watching him explore and discover new things. From cars, to trucks, trains to buses. My guy loves all things that go. I remember last Valentine's  Day when Owen started to really make "vroom vroom" noises and "play" with his cars. This was so much fun to see. He also loves bugs, worms, and his latest new discovery spider webs. So although those are all things I'm not crazy about (um.. hello, spiders?! Eek) I love watching him run with pure joy and excitement to show me his newest discovery!

Watching him imitate his Papa. Owen does anything and everything just like his Dad. Lucky for me, my hubby is very handy. He always has a project going on and nowadays, he also always has a little helper. He loves all his Papa's tools and had to have his very own tool set for Christmas. He tries to wear his shoes, puts on his hats and LOVES his Papa's Jeep! Seeing the two of them together, melts my heart.

And lastly teaching him new things. I love teaching him new words and concepts. Seeing him catch on and say new little phrases like, "good grief" always make me smile. He always surprises me with how fast he learns new things.  I love teaching him about Jesus and sharing with him about how loved he is. Watching him fold his little hands to pray and say "Amen" makes me the happiest. 

Being a Mom is the biggest blessing I've ever had and being a #Boymom is something I will never forget. 

Thanks so much Liz for having me. It was really fun reflecting on all these special moments, especially right before we welcome baby girl into the world.


Thank you for sharing, Emily! And congratulations on your sweet baby girl's arrival!

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