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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello and welcome to the first post in the Boy Moms series! I am so excited to share the stories of these amazing moms and their oh-so-cute little men with you all! I had an overwhelming response to my post on Erinn's blog, Strawberry Swing and Other Things so I have decided to share boy mom stories all week this week! Then starting next week a different boy mom will be featured every Monday. I can't thank you all enough for your love and support. And also a big thank you to Erinn for the amazing graphic above.
I am so excited to share these stories with you all.

So! Without further ado... enjoy Boy Moms with my good friend Tara from A Tale of Two Maples!

On Mondays We Wear Blue…And a whole lot of messy too!

I met my dear friend Lizzy our freshmen year of college. It took us a few months to realize that we weren’t just in one of the same classes we also were living in the same building! From then on she has been one of my dearest friends.

Hi, I’m Tara from A Tale of Two Maples, and I am the lucky mommy to TWO BOYS!!! I have always wanted to be a mom to boys, once upon a time I dreamed of having three boys and a girl. Now I feel like whatever blessings come in this life, I am grateful. I met my husband at summer camp and I used to beg to have a group of the seven year old boys. They always seemed like so much fun! Fast forward through more summer camps, a year long trip around the world, nursing school, more traveling and arrive at the biggest adventure yet…PARENTHOOD! Most days I can’t believe that I already have two kiddos, Declan is about to turn 2 and Calem is about 2.5 months.

Have you heard the saying “Mothers of sons work from son up to son down.” NO JOKE! Being a mom to little boys means planned activities usually last about 5 minutes (10 if you are lucky), we are outside most of the day, and outfits for everyone are changed at least thrice! It means that I face every day with a sense of humor and we laugh, a lot!  Declan is active ALL of the time…and he is fearless. His favorite activities are going to the trampoline park, chasing the dogs, exploring outside and anything that involves water, especially the dog’s water bowl.

Calem has already figured out that he must eat all of the time and grow strong to keep up with his older brother. In our house, we call this the “beefcake!” He is such a sweet baby, completely content to be held and snuggle into your arms. I prayed for a snuggler and here he is! Having two kiddos under two and two in diapers is…exhausting, sometimes challenging, mostly rewarding and always filled with love. The exhausting moments are headed towards the two of them being lifelong best friends. The gift of one another might just be the best gift I could ever give my children.

Thank you Lizzy for asking me to share my love of being a boy mom!


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  1. We are pregnant with our very first and we just found out it will be a sweet boy! I am very intimidated and excited by the thought of being a boy mom, so I am very thankful to have found your blog! Thanks you so much for offer these encouraging posts!

    1. Congratulations!!! Being a boy mom is amazing! You will love it!

  2. Wow two boys so close in age... That must be exhausting and fun all at the same time! I love reading others' stories!

  3. Awesome series, Liz! Love the post, Tara! xoxo

  4. Lizzy! So thankful that you put this series together! You are awesome and AMAZING! Love you!


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