Five on Friday | Christmas Faves

Friday, January 3, 2014

Though Christmas was so 2013, I never had a chance to share our favorite gifts, so here goes :


Mason Jar Tumbler.

I stumbled upon @themasonbarcompany 's Instagram a couple months ago and became obsessed. I love fun tumblers to drink out of and when I saw these mason jar tumblers, I knew I wanted one for Christmas. My amazing husband got the hints I was dropping and got me this beauty! I've been using it every day since Christmas. See their etsy site here !


I got this beautiful scarf for Christmas from Seth (again, so good at picking up the hints I was dropping!) and I wore it work a couple days ago and got SO many compliments. Looks like I love it just as much as other people do!

Tunic and Leggings.

Pinterest Told Me To told me that I needed to have these leggings and I listened. So did Seth. And I LOVE them just as much as she said I would! I'm also loving this sweatshirt tunic that I wear with my leggings. 
My husband has good taste ;)

Erin Condren Planner.

Seriously in love. Not only is it so beautiful but it's super functional! Ever since that iOS update that made the calendar different (and awful in my opinion), I've been looking for a new alternative to keep myself organized and I found the perfect thing! Thank you dad and Hallie for the gift!

Apple gift card.

Seth's mom gave us a very generous gift card to the Apple store since we told her that we wanted to get a new computer. I am hoping to be able to get a Mac Book and with the gift card, it will definitely help!!


Angels ticket vouchers.

"Secret Santa" Scott got Seth some Angels ticket vouchers from Costco for 10 games (or 5 games if he feels generous enough to take me! ha.) Seriously, this is the perfect gift for him because he LOVES baseball and he LOVES the Angels. I think he is already counting down the days until baseball season starts.

Clothes and movies.

Seth has been wanting to watch all of the Big Bang Theory episodes starting from the beginning. Since we don't have a Netflix account I though it would be a nice present to get him the first couple seasons on DVD. To my surprise, I found them very reasonably priced at Costco! He was super excited! Now we just need to find time to watch them....
Seth rarely goes shopping for himself to birthdays and holidays are the perfect time to get him clothes. His sister, brother-in-law and nieces got him a super nice flannel button down shirt and a new sweatshirt. His mom got him two new flannel button down shirts. I got him a button down shirt and some new undershirts, socks, and underwear. (Hey, practicality!) And his "Secret Santa" Scott got him two new t-shirts. He had a good Christmas for clothes!


My dad and step mom gave Seth (and technically me but since he is the one that cooks, I think of them more for him haha), these amazing knives for Christmas. I had never heard of them before, but Seth was super excited. They are all different colors and are these amazing knives. I used one, the "citrus one", to cut some fruit for my sangria on NYE and I must admit, it worked pretty well!


My dad and step mom know that we got a Keurig coffee machine a couple months back. They also know that we LOVE it and use it EVERY morning. So, what better gift than the gift of k-cups for Christmas! (We only got one box of 100 {I shouldn't say only because 100 is definitely a lot!}, not two boxes like the website shows, but I could only find the link to the bigger box). Seriously, this probably should have been Seth's #1 because he was SO excited! We love Costco's Pacific Bold k-cups. In his stocking though, i splurged a little (hey, it's Christmas!) and got him Emeril's Big Easy Bold k-cups. (Bed, Bath, and Beyond is great for buying these when they are on sale and you have a 20% off coupon!)


I mean what man wouldn't? For a couple holidays now, I've been getting Seth one of those mix and match your own beers 6 packs. I go to Total Wine and More and pick 6 beers that I think he will like (and surprisingly enough, he hasn't hated any yet!). I think it is a fun gift since he gets to try new beers without the pressure of buying a whole 6 pack of the same thing and worrying if he will hate it and waste money.


While Mason isn't quite old enough to tell me what his favorite gifts from Christmas were, the smile on his face and the excitement in his eyes tell me all I need to know.

Jake cup.

Mason LOVES to drink out of my tumblers. In fact, love might be an understatement. When we are on our way out of the house in the morning for daycare and work, I hold Mason and all his and my stuff in one arm and my tumbler with water in my hand while I shut and lock the door. Often, if not always, when I turn back from locking the door, Mason has grabbed my straw and is drinking my water. It is seriously the cutest thing. So, since he loves my cups so much, I decided to get him this Jake and the Neverland Pirates tumbler. So far, he loves it... until he sees mine and wants to drink my water instead :)

Little People Amusement Park.

Mason doesn't quite understand the concept of hitting the button to get the car to go down the ramp and around the loop, but he does love to knock it off! He also loves it when I show it how to hit the button and the car goes zooming around the loop. There were two cars that came with the set, but we got these guys to go with it as well.

Cars table.

He more likes to tear the table apart but you cant tell that he loves it!
(For more on the table, click here)

Little Blue Truck.

I seriously love this book.. I had only heard through a friend that it was a good book, but every night that I read to Mason before bed (Seth and I switch off), I pick this book. Granted, it's only been a little over a week since he got the book, but I've picked it every single night. Moms of boys (or even girls!), 
I HIGHLY recommend this book! 

Little People Farm.

I personally love this because of the animals. We get to show Mason the animals and make the animal noise and he gets so excited and waves his arms in the air. I often take the horse and gallop it around on the floor saying "neigh! neigh! neigh" and Mason gets SO excited! I love this toy because it is educational as well as fun.


  1. Oh I didn't know you could make your own 6 pack! I will be doing this for valentines day!

  2. It's super cool! If you have a Total Wine and More by you, you should totally do it. I just pick things I think my husband might like (I really have no idea what any of them are lol) and so far so good!


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