Citrus Lane box.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I had been hearing about these Citrus Lane boxes from a bunch of mommy blogs that I read and I was intrigued. It seemed like such an amazing idea to get a box delivered each month of new, fun, age appropriate toys/food/items for Mason. I'd been wanting to order one for months and figured that Christmas was the perfect time. So I did it! And Mason's first box arrived the middle of last week...just in time for his 18 month birthday. So, I saved it until Saturday and he got to open the box for his "birthday".

Each box is slightly different in it's contents, but our box had this shape sorter from Plan Toysthis monkey lunch box from Skip Hopthese Mr. Men and Little Miss Ouchies bandaids for boys, and some Dapple toy and surface wipes (except in a travel package, not a container).

Mason already had a lunch box, but this one is pretty dang cute so I may switch to this one soon.

I think he was a little confused as to what the shape sorter was at first but now that he kind of understands it, I think it will make a great toy for the car. No pieces to lose!

I've used the wipes and they're great! I cleaned Mason's hands after snack time as well as cleaned a toy he threw on the ground in the grocery store parking lot and they worked great!

We can't wait to see what arrives next month!

If you're interested in getting a Citrus Lane box for yourself, click here for a discount. You get a discount on your first box, and I get a credit to my account. Win, win :)

Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored. I am just sharing my love for Citrus Lane. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I love that lunch box! It is too cute! It looks pretty big. I thought it was a backpack at first.

    1. It's super cute! It is pretty tall too but not too wide. I think it would still hold lots of food though!


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