Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year. New Changes!

A week or so ago I introduced my new blog layout from Nudge Media Design. In addition to changing the layout of the blog, I decided to make a change to the name as well. "Now that the Birenbun's out of the oven" just seemed so... last year (for lack of a better word). It seemed so July 18, 2012 when the Birenbun escaped the oven. I wanted a more current, in the moment, applicable name. So I contacted my ever so talented bff, Vickie, and in about 2.7 seconds, she came up with the best new blog title for me.

Chasin' Mason.

Seriously. Perfect. I don't know how she did it, but she is a marketing genius.

Love this lady!

I'm also thinking about changing the blog domain but haven't quite done so yet because I can't figure out how to link the two so if you type in the current name, it will take you to the new name. So, if anyone knows how to do that without completely starting a new blog, please let me know!

Oh! And I realized I haven't posted a picture of Mason in a couple days, so here is a picture of Mason from yesterday at Disneyland. I've been wanting to go back to see the Christmas decorations at California Adventure and we were finally able to yesterday (more on that later). 
This kid seriously LOVES the carousel!

Happy Sunday, all!


  1. Love the new name! AND THAT SUPER CUTE BOY!!! XOXO!

  2. What a sweet blog name, and sweet boy!!!! Happy 2014!

  3. What a great new name! I'm in the same boat about changing my domain and don't know how to make it a seamless switch either!

    1. Thank you! And I agree... it's hard! I can't quite figure out how to do it without starting a whole new blog. I need Blogger for Dummies! lol


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