Christmas in Carsland

Thursday, January 9, 2014

First of all, let me start by saying...

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Is it Monday yet?? 
And since so many people had expressed interest, I decided to have a kick off week next week! So stay tuned for lots of boy mom adventures next week!

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There's something about Christmas that makes me feel like a little kid again. I seriously LOVE seeing all the lights on the houses and the trees in the windows. It just makes the neighborhood feel so much happier and bright!

Now I know it is now a couple weeks after Christmas so you're probably wondering why I am posting about it. Back in November we went to Disneyland with Mason's birthday buddy. Disneyland was decorated for Christmas and I was oh so excited! We had an absolute blast hanging out with Tim, Melanie, and Brandon at Disneyland and cannot wait to do it again next year (hopefully!). Unfortunately though, they only bought tickets to Disney, not California Adventure. So another trip was planned. We FINALLY had enough time to go to California Adventure on Saturday, and just in time for it to still be decorated for Christmas. We went slightly later in the afternoon and were there at night. I just love Disney at night with all the lights. It is so beautiful. I had never been to Carsland (on the CA Adventure side) at night before (or while decorated for Christmas - which was the main thing I wanted to go see) so I was even more excited. I swear Disney is the most amazing place. Their attention to detail is impeccable. I am always so impressed. Like walking through Carsland makes you feel like you are IN the Cars movie. It's that similar. The pictures don't do it justice... it was beautiful!

This kid LOVES the carousel!

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  1. I agree! Disney's attention to detail cannot be beat. That is why I am bummed that they didn't do Harry Potter with Disney instead of Universal. The hogsmeade section is awesome, but the details are not there like they would be with Disney. I'm not sure if you are Harry Potter fan though =) Do you guys still have passes or not this year?


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