[Mason] 18 Months Old.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I can hardly believe that... Mason turned 18 months old on Saturday!

Stats :
- Height and weight - we won't know until his 18 months check up on January 31st.

Wears :
- size 4 diapers
- size 12-18 month pants - the length is getting a little short on some, but the waist is perfect
- size 12-18 month and 18-24 month shirts depending on the brand
- size 6 in Stride Rite shoes

Eats :

We have been blessed with a kid that will eat almost anything. Seriously, the kid loves to eat. That being said, he will also let you know if he doesn't want what you give him. Be either straight up spitting it out after you put it in his mouth or by faking you out making you think he is picking it up to put it in his mouth and then he will throw it on the floor.

His favorite things are : pasta, turkey/ham, string cheese, pirates booty, goldfish, yogurt, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, edamame, chicken nuggets, avocado, and mac and cheese.

He can be totally done eating his own food and then sees someone else eating and then is hungry all over again. Seth and I will feed him breakfast on the weekends and then sit down ourselves and he comes over, grabs our plates to see what we are eating and basically begs to have some of our food...even if it is the exact same thing he just finished eating. He does the same thing at daycare too!

Drinks :

Everything! Seriously. I think he would if we left him. He loves milk and water. He loves to sneak some of mommy's Starbucks black iced tea and passion tea. And he LOVES to drink out of my mason jar tumbler. I swear he drinks more water out of my cups than his own. He's also snuck a sip of lemonade from his cousin, Addison's, cup at daycare and LOVED it.

Sleeps :

His sleep is actually pretty good! We are so lucky! He goes down easily at night for bedtime and usually sleeps straight from 8pm-ish to 6am or 7am. However, I think we have hit that sleep regression that people talk about at 18 months. Mason has recently been waking up at night around 1am or 3am crying. For no real reason. In fact, last night he woke up at 1am with a little whine. I checked the monitor and he was fine so I went back to sleep. Then cry. Nothing. Cry. Nothing. Cry. Nothing. And on an on for what seemed like an eternity but was probably 10 minutes. I knew he was fine, so I left him alone since he wasn't really crying. I'm hoping this ends soon because the amount of times I wake up in the middle of the night seems like I have a newborn all over again.
That being said, we are definitely not headed towards a big boy bed anytime soon! This kid is the craziest sleeper ever and would probably fall out of bed and we would find him across the room in the morning.
Please see the picture above. This was all one night!

Says :
Not much... I haven't really talked about this on the blog at all, but he is behind on his speech. He recently has gotten more of a voice but still does not say any noticeable words yet. I know he does understand what we say because he will look at me when I asked him to, he will come to us if we ask him too, he laughs when Mickey says something funny on tv, he will get things if you ask him to, and he will shake his head no when he doesn't want to do something, He is the MASTER of the head shake. No. No. No. I'm not really sure where he got this from since we do say no, but we don't shake our head at him. I am trying to teach him that shaking his head no is bad and to shake his head yes, it is actually pretty funny and pretty appropriate when he does it.

Mason, give nanny a kiss. Shakes his head no. Mason, please? Shakes his head no.
Mason, should mommy go to work tomorrow? Shakes his head no.
Our neighbor asked "Mason, did you cry when you fell and hit your head?" Shakes his head no.
Mason, it's time for bed. Shakes his head no.

Does :

- This kid seriously gives the BEST hugs now! And it melts my heart. Before bed, right after story time, I will turn Mason around and say "hug" (sometimes I don't even need to say it) and he will give the BIGGEST hug. Like putting his head down on my shoulder and putting his arms around you hug. It is the absolute BEST!
- Mason was a late walker and only really started walking by himself 1-2 months ago. He would walk holding our hand but wouldn't want to walk by himself. At daycare Luz would practice with him and he would just cry and cry and cry. Then, one day, he just got it! And he looked SO PROUD of himself. It was the best feeling. Now the kid can't walk everywhere fast enough!
- He loves to climb on everything!
- He is very good at helping to get himself dressed.
- The poor kid got his first big owie the other day... a huge goose egg on his head! He cried for a minute and then was back to playing.

Loves :

- Carousels!
- Brushing his teeth (though I think he likes sucking on the toothbrush more than the actual tooth brushing) and holding mommy or daddy's toothpaste while we brush his teeth.
- Bath time! As well as splash time.

- Throwing his water/milk cup on the floor....
....by "accident" or on purpose sometimes. I swear he will look right at me, pick it up, hold it over the edge and just drop it.
....and then get a HUGE smile on his face. Stinker!
- The swings and the slides at the park.
- Dumping all the food from his tray on the floor (he did this for like a month straight but it has gotten better).
- Tearing his train table apart
- Throwing all the books from the bookshelf on to the floor.
- Story time before bed and helping to turn the pages.
- Crawling up the stairs by himself or walking up with help
- Getting into trouble! And getting in the dishwasher.

Hates :
- Getting his nails cut - but! This is getting better! If I can distract him with an episode of Mickey Mouse, he will sit still long enough for me to cut his finger nails without pulling his fingers away every 2 seconds. Also, on a good day, he will let me cut his toe nails without shaking his foot and pulling it away as well.
- Getting his nose blown/sucked. We got a NoseFrieda a year-ish ago and it's made an amazing difference. Mason still hates it but it makes it easier for Seth and I.
- Hates wearing sunglasses or hats. But loves to rip the sunglasses off his face (or anyone else's for that matter) and put them in his mouth!

This is such a fun age! We just love our little man so much and can't wait to see him learn and grow more!
We love you Mason! Happy 18 months!
All our love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. He is adorable! Noah is a couple months behind Mason but reading this I kept nodding my head and laughing cause Noah does the same things! He's not a big talker, is such a beggar when it comes to food, and loves throwing things off his high chair! Noah however is not a good sleeper! The pictures of Mason all over the crib are hilarious!

    1. he is the CRAZIEST sleeper! my husband makes fun of me because i take so many pictures of mason sleeping on the monitor, but it's so funny! i don't want to forget it :)

  2. Oh my goodness what a little stinker! He is adorable! I miss you all so much! I keep thinking things are safe on higher shelves or if they are back far enough on counters...

    1. nothing is safe!!!! holy cow! this kid is so tall that he just reaches and pulls things down. i'm like...what??? how did you get that?? LOL. mommy is so silly...

  3. We're smack in the middle of sleep regression over here too! I can't decide if it's teeth or just a phase, but every night at 1:30 it's a cry fest and then we're up for the day by 5:15. I'm over it and I'm sure you are too!

    1. sooooooo over it! the past few nights have been better, but i still have no idea what the problem was! i felt in his mouth for his 2 year old molars but i couldn't feel anything. hoping reed starts sleeping better again soon!!

  4. My son does the same thing with hugs, it is definitely one of the best parts of being a mom!! Soooo sweet!

    1. Mason just started doing it within the last month or so, putting his head down on our shoulder and fully hugging. It melts my heart!


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