[A Day in the Life] Weekend Edition

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A couple of my blogger friends have been doing "A Day in the Life" posts and I always find them so interesting. So, I thought I would do one myself! I intend on doing one on a weekday too but since I thought a weekend would be more interesting (ie doesn't involve getting up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, and going to bed), I thought I would start with that. I tried to make it pretty detailed, so please excuse the length.

Date : Sunday, February 9, 2014
I am 29, Seth is 31, and Mason is 18 months old.

7:14 - I wake up and check the time. 7:14am?? How did I get to sleep in so late?! 

(please note how sad it is that I think 7:14am is LATE now! #parentlife)

7:15 - I hear Mason start making noise. How did he know I was awake?

7:16 - I go to the bathroom to get a hair tie and then go get Mason. He is fussing a little but when I open the door and say "hello?" in the funny voice that I use in the mornings when I go get him, I hear him scurry to stand up to see me. I notice that he's thrown his monkey (who we call "monk monk") on the floor as well as his changing table pad (per the usual). I pick up monk monk and hand him to him and he gives him a huge hug. Melt my heart. We play the "mommy throws monk monk in the crib, Mason throws monk monk out of the crib, and repeat game about 20 times before I pick Mason up out of his crib. Mason giggles every time. I love this kid!

7:26 - I pick up the changing pad and put it back on his dresser. Then I pick Mason up out of the crib and lay him down on the changing pad. And over he goes. That's his new thing - flipping over and laying in the fetal position on the changing pad like he is going back to sleep. I start to tickle him and try to get him to flip over. I give him his comb to distract him and it works. I change his diaper.

7:32 - We are finally done with the "flipping over" game and changing his diaper and we go to wake daddy up... only when we get to our room, daddy is gone! Or is he? I put Mason on the bed and he crawls over to Seth's side. Seth pops up real fast and startles Mason and he starts to laugh. Mason crawls to the edge and gets off the bed. He walks out of the room and Seth follows and then takes him downstairs while I go brush my teeth and put in my contacts.

7:40 - I get downstairs and Mason is watching his Sunday morning cartoon - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

He is happy as can be and then all of a sudden - crying. Everything seems fine so I assume he is hungry. Seth is making eggs and heating up our leftover tator tots to make breakfast burritos so I grab some tator tots for Mason, some water and a yogurt (he has a cold so we are limiting the milk intake for congestion purposes but at this point in time I think a yogurt is a necessity). He is MUCH happier now that he is eating.

8:00 - Mickey is singing a song "shake shake shake your peanut, baby elephant come home with me" so Mason picks up his tator tot and starts shaking it like a peanut. Cutest thing ever.

8:15 - I make Seth and I coffee. I add a little whip cream to mine because...it's Sunday. Why not?

8:25 - I walk back to the couch to have my breakfast when I see Mason trying to climb on to the couch to eat it! Thankfully he didn't get to it so I share a little with him.

8:47 - Mason is walking around, watching TV and finding toys to play with. He wants one specific toy on his Cars table that he is having trouble reaching. He reaches so far that his feet come off the floor a little bit. He is finally able to get it.

He walks over to me while I'm looking at the Target ad and starts walking around in circles. Then falls over because he gets too dizzy. Such a silly kid!

9:01 - I decide that we should start the day since we have a bunch of stuff to do today. I check the weather to see what we should wear today. 

Dear people on the East Coast, please don't hate me. I'm sorry!

9:05 - I head upstairs to put some stuff away and take a shower. Mason has been super clingy to me recently so when I walk away and go upstairs, he runs over to the stairs and shakes the gate and cries because he thinks I am leaving. It's the cutest and saddest thing to see. Seth comes to comfort him and he forgets I am gone.

9:07 - I put away my clothes and Mason's and then take a shower. Mason and Seth watch some of the Olympics but get bored with figure skating and turn on Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

9:48 - I'm back downstairs after showering and getting ready. Normally we would be leaving to go to Gymboree right now, but since Mason has had a cold all week, I decided that it would be better for him (and everyone else) if we skipped and did a make up class next weekend.

9:50 - I pack some snacks for our Target run while Seth takes a shower. I take a diaper and some wipes out of the diaper bag and put them in my purse. I look for my wallet and freak out for a minute because I can't find it. Then I remember it's in the diaper bag from when we went to Ikea the day before. I put my wallet in my purse.

9:55 - I'm about to take Mason upstairs to get him changed when I remember we need black ink for the printer. I get annoyed because I feel like we ALWAYS need some sort of ink for the printer. Color? Black? It doesn't matter! We don't even print that much! I write black ink on the list and vow to get a new printer this year.

9:58 - I take Mason upstairs to get him changed. He tried to open the door to the bathroom once we got to the top of the stairs while Seth was taking a shower. I distract him and get him to turn towards his room. I pick him up and put him on his changing pad and you guessed it. He flips over a million times, lays down, stands up and tries to climb the wall. Seriously. This kid is so active. I distract him again with his comb and finish getting him ready.

10:08 - Mason is done getting changed and I grab the towels and head downstairs. I throw them in the washer and my helper helps me put laundry detergent in and start the washer. He LOVES to watch the washer fill up with water and start its cycle.

10:10 - We are out the door! I let Mason walk on his own out to the car and he stops to smell the flowers. Then turns around and goes back home. Up the couple stairs to our door and back down the stairs. He touches every bush on our way down the sidewalk. He loses his balances and falls into the bush. He is unfazed and gets back up and continues walking to the car. 


10:17 - We are finally at the car. We're all buckled in and on our way.

10:25 - Arrive at Target. Stick Mason in the cart and we are on our way. I thought we would have more time but he starts to get fussy already. Now that he can walk, he does not want to be stuck in the cart. Well, let me tell you something Mason, now that you can walk, I don't want you touching every thing and knocking it on the floor. So, in the cart you will stay. Snacks out and Mason is a happy camper...for now. 

10:50 - We are done shopping and head to the front to check out. Mason is having none of the cart at this point so I take him out and carry him. I hand Seth my phone to use my Cartwheel app for a discount on the wipes we were buying and Seth continues to check out while Mason and I head to the Starbucks in the Target. That right there is the reason I chose this Target over the other one - Starbucks. I order Seth a venti coffee and myself a venti black iced tea with 3 pumps classic.

10:59 - We get our drinks and head out to the car. We put the bags in the car, I let Mason have a sip of my drink and we are on our way home. (He only had a sip. Don't worry.)

11:08 - Home. Unpack the groceries.

11:15 - I put the towels in the dryer and enlist a helper to make sure I got everything out of the washing machine. He assures me that I did and then puts his car in the dryer for "safe keeping"? I make sure to take it out before I start the dryer.

11:20 - I put stuff away upstairs and Mason plays his puppy game on Seth's phone while Seth checks out what is on the Olympics right now.

11:24 - I come back downstairs with the box from the wipes and we decide to play with Mason and the box. He has fun for...about a minute. Then he wants out.

11:25 - Mason starts to be whiny. I know he needs a nap but I want him to sleep for a while so we try lunch before nap. I fully expect a meltdown and him to throw his food on the floor. Seth feeds him and I do the dishes. Seth says that Mason must have been hungry because he's almost done. What??? Boy was I wrong. He devoured his spaghetti and his apple sauce! He has pasta sauce on his face and apple sauce in his eye brow. He obviously enjoyed lunch! I give him a few pieces of Pirates Booty and he can barely get them in his mouth fast enough.

11:45 - I let Mason digest while watching a few more minutes of Mickey.

12 - Nap time for Mason!

12:01 - I turn on the diffuser and shut the door. I barely close the door to his room and...I hear a thump. Changing pad down.

12:03 - I get downstairs, check the monitor and notice that he is laying down, holding monk monk.

12:10 - He rolled around for a while but now is asleep. Time for Seth to dismantle our current entertainment unit and build the new Ikea Expedit shelving unit that we bought yesterday. We've been complaining that the TV is too low down for forever now but have been too lazy/cheap to do anything about it. But now I am worried Mason will hurt his eyes if he keeps standing so close to the TV (and by so close I mean THISCLOSE). So we went to Ikea yesterday and bought a new "TV unit" (aka bookshelf). I help Seth when he asks but mainly work on Mason's valentines.

1:45 - Seth is done building and I am done with the valentines. We decide to eat lunch.

1:51 - I start making us sandwiches and hear Mason making noise. He is awake. I am happy that he had a good nap and that he slept through the whole time of Seth building.

1:54 - I go upstairs to get Mason, change his diaper, and bring him back downstairs.

2:05 - Mason roams around and checks out the new TV unit. I can only imagine what he is thinking... why is the TV so far away?? Haha. 

I finish making sandwiches while Mason tries to eat the handle to the freezer, opens the drawer with the sippy cups and throws them on the floor, and brings the Mike Wazowski cup to bathroom. I realize he is being WAY too quiet and notice that he is now sticking his hand in the toilet (his new favorite thing - yay us). I quickly grab him and tell him we can't stick our hand in the toilet and wash his hands with soap and water. Mason LOVES washing his hands and I wonder if he sticks his hand in the toilet so often just so we can wash his hands. I put him down, usher him out of the bathroom, and he wanders away. He is now climbing across the old entertainment unit pieces.

2:40 - Seth and I sit down and figure out what we are going to eat for dinners this week. I make a list of what we need to get.

3:00 - I leave for Ralph's and Mason and Seth stay at home.

3:08 - Arrive at Ralph's. I deposit a check and then walk over to the store.

3:57 - I finish getting my things, check out, and head back to the car. I unpack the groceries into my trunk and drive over to the Shell station. I love that we get rewards points to use at the gas station (just by shopping at the grocery store) because I love getting a discount on gas.

4:04 - I leave gas station and head home.

4:12 - Arrive at home and unpack the groceries. Gather what we were asked to bring for dinner and head out the door. Mason is still whining but I tell him that we are going to Nanny's house (Seth's mom's house) and he seems happy and stops whining.

4:34 - We head over to Nanny's house.

4:43 - Arrive at Nanny's and we play, eat, and have fun with cousins Addie and Emma, Uncle Shawn, Auntie Erin, Nanny, Papa, and Bubbie.

7:30 - The fun is over and Mason is beyond tired. He is whining and crying as he mopes around the house. 

We head home. 

He doesn't whine at all in the car and I contemplate going for a long drive the next time Mason starts being fussy. He is usually a super happy, calm kid (unless he is hungry or overly tired) and I thank my lucky stars that he is only like this when he is sick.

7:40 - Arrive back at home. I know it is a little early but Mason is beyond tired so we get ready for bed. Before we head upstairs we suck his nose. He HATES this. He actually hates anyone near his nose at all, but he especially hates this. It takes two of us to actually do it. I have to hold his arms and his head and Seth uses the Nose Frieda. Please don't call CPS. It is not mean and I do not hurt him. If I don't hold him still, he will shake his head and push Seth out of the way. It is the only way we can clear his nose.

Seth notes that less came out this time than earlier in the day and I pray and hope that this cold is almost done. It's been a week and I am so over it.

7:50 - We all head upstairs and Seth fills Mason's diffuser with the "Breathe" doTERRA essential oil and I change Mason's diaper and change him into his jammies. Seth takes him to the bathroom to brush his teeth and I wait for them to get back so I can read Mason a story. We read "Dear Zoo" and "Spot loves his Mommy". I make the animal sounds during "Dear Zoo" and Mason helps turn the pages. He has a huge smile on his face the whole time. The stories are over and I say that it is time for bed. I tell him to give me a hug and he turns around and gives me a hug. This kid gives the BEST hugs now. He puts his head on my shoulder and his arms around my neck and squeezes. I LOVE IT. We kiss him a hundred million times and tell him to have a good shushy and I put him in his crib. Seth turns on the diffuser and we close the door. And the crying stops.

8:00 - Seth turns on the Olympics and I come to the computer.

8:05 - I load Tara's email and copy the HTML that she sent me and I create my Boy Mom post for Monday. A few tweaks and the post looks great. I schedule the post and now I'm on to my DITL post.

9:36 - I can't believe it has taken me so long to type this all up, especially since I emailed myself the notes I took all day.

9:40 - I start to add pictures, make sure it looks good, schedule the post, and on to the couch to watch some skiing on the Olympics.

10:15 - Done! Time to sit on the couch, check Instagram and Facebook, watch a little TV and head to bed.

10:16 - I think I am done, but remember that the towels are still in the dryer...from hours ago. Fail. I take them out and notice that there are 3 Mason socks in the dryer as well. I remember putting 2 of them in there, but not 3... I swear every time I do the laundry, I lose or gain a Mason sock. Oh well. I go upstairs and put the towels away because I know if I don't, I will be mad in the morning when I have no towel after my shower.

10:20 - I realize that I have the Mickey Mouse song "shake shake shake your peanut" stuck in my head. How did that happen??

10:22 - FINALLY able to sit on the couch and relax. I get sucked into the Olympics and want to keep watching as I see the minutes tick away on the clock and know that I will regret the decision to stay up so late tomorrow.

11:04 - I decide to go to bed because... my 5am alarm clock will come too soon!

Good night!