Five on Friday.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday! I am especially happy this week that it is finally Friday because now that it is Friday... it means mama gets a mini vacation! That's right, mama's going on a girls weekend to San Diego from Friday to Sunday and I couldn't be more excited! I, of course, will be missing my boys. Mason is actually pretty lucky because he gets to spend the WHOLE weekend with Seth's mom! I only wish it wasn't going to be rain-maggedon this weekend so they could go outside to play, but I'm sure they will have tons of fun anyway. The reason Mason will be with Nanny all weekend though is because Seth has to work. Boo! I almost feel bad about being away all weekend since Seth has to work (sorry Seth!), but this mini getaway is just what this mama needs and I have been looking forward to it for months.

Enough about that though... back to the topic at hand... my five on friday!
I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post. These five things really have nothing to do with each other, but just happen to be some of the things I thought about this week. 

Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

Seriously SO excited they are back! Grey's Anatomy and Scandal were both new last night (FINALLY) and I couldn't have been more excited. And I ACTUALLY stayed up to watch the end of both, which is big for me. Usually I am asleep by 9pm on the couch so that says a lot about my love for these shows. Did anyone else watch? So much craziness!

30 awesome upcycling ideas.

I came across this website yesterday after one of my co-workers pointed it out. Her friend had liked it on facebook and she was showing me some of the pictures and I had to check out the website myself. Some of these ideas of upcycling are seriously cool! I would so want to do 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 but I think they are all super cool and innovative!

"@no-reply-comment" commenter.

A couple weeks ago, Colleen from Meet the Sullivans posted this post. It is a recipe for these amazing sounding no bake trail mix bites. I haven't had time yet but fully intend on making them! At the bottom of her post though, was something I found very interesting. I always wondered why I never got comments back from bloggers that I would leave comments for on their blog. I always figured they were too busy to comment back. Then I saw Colleen's post and realized what my problem was! I was a "@no-reply-comment" commenter! What this means is that my email wasn't connected to my blogger profile so bloggers couldn't comment back to me. I followed this super easy tutorial on how to fix the problem and I'm now able to get comments back! I love getting all of your comments and would love to comment back (directly to you, I do comment back via "reply" on your comment but you have to check back to see my comments, I believe). I never even realized that I was a "@no-reply-comment" commenter until I checked. Follow the super easy tutorial to make sure you are able to get comments back :)

Mama's getaway.

One of my favorite things to do is scrapbook. I take a hundred million pictures of things and love to organize them in one book to show friends and family. I rarely have time to actually scrapbook, especially at home with a toddler, so that's why these weekends are so fun. My friends, Erin and Michele, host getaways a couple times a year at an amazingly huge house in San Diego and 18 of us women go and just have an awesome weekend of scrapbooking, talking, laughing, and eating. SO. MUCH. FUN. 
Will recap next week :)

Sippy cup recommendations.

We are currently using these Nuby sippy cups and I do like them. We've been using them for a little while and they've been working great. Recently Mason has started chewing on the spout part more so than drinking so they leak when tipped upside down. I bought some new replacement spouts but they still leak. Mason is also really into throwing his cup on the floor instead of just putting it back down on the tray when he's done drinking and it leaves me floor looking like the picture above. Does anyone have any good recommendations for sippy cups that don't leak?? We've been using these and these from The First Years but aren't overly a fan. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Happy weekend!



  1. I used to try to reply through email or comments left through blogger, but then switched to disqus (which has it's own fair share of glitches) but at least I know my comments will be emailed to the commenter and they are visible for all to see :)

    We use the The First Years cups, for the price I'm pretty happy with them. All the other ones that have been leak free or awesome are expensive, so give or take. I also like the Tommy Tippee drink cups bc I feel like they are teaching her how to use a real cup since they don't have a spout. Still wish they didn't have the little pieces, but they don't really leak too badly. Always give and take on those details!!

  2. We have used that sippy as well and it isn't a favorite. I have gone through tons trying to find one that wouldn't spill, but my son could easily get the liquid out of. This one is my absolute favorite:
    And this one is good as well:

    1. Oh I'll have to check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Hope you have so much fun on your getaway! Sounds amazing! I love Greys...but I haven't watched the newest episode yet. We don't have cable and it's only on hulu+ so I have to wait a week. :)

  4. We use those nuby as well and have spill problems sometimes but it took a while to find one he could actually drink out of so I'm dealing with it. I also use the lala straw cup for milk. He hasn't yet realized that he doesn't have to tilt the cup back, so he does have some spills. I just make him drink it while in his high chair. Sippy cups are annoying!

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