Thursday, February 13, 2014

By now everyone should have received their respective valentines so I think it is safe to share them with you all. But before we get to this year's valentines though, let's enjoy a little Throwback Thursday action and revisit last year's Valentine's Day... Mason's first!

Eeekk! He was so little and cute! Gosh, I remember it like it was yesterday...

Anyway, enough reminiscing for one day :)

This year Mason decided I decided that he I wanted to make different valentines for daycare and for family. So one day when I was at Target, I picked up a cute little valentines making kit. Seriously, Target, you get me every time. They have the best holiday stuff there!

For family, I made cute little valentines cards for all the girls in the family (and the grandpas too).

The kit came with these little foam-like cards with punched out hearts.
So I mixed and matched the colors to make it more fun.

It also came with hearts in different colors, patterns, and shapes
and conversation bubbles with punch out heart centers.

There was also a good amount of letters to write messages on the cards.

I contemplated Mason helping me because I figured he would just try to eat the pieces. But he actually did really well and enjoyed trying to make a card.

I made a list of who we wanted to send the cards to and tried to write out as many messages and names as I had letters for. The rest I just used lots of cute foam heart stickers for.

When I was done with the cards, i addressed the envelopes and added a "Happy Valentine's Day" message on the back as well as some cute washi tape to make them a little more festive.
And with that, they were on their way to Mason's grandmas, great grandmas, grandpas, cousins, and aunties!

For daycare, I went simple. 

I love the fun-ness of the Pirates Booty but the usefulness too. If the other kids at daycare are anything like Mason (which I know his cousin Addie is!), the kids will devour the Pirates Booty. Seriously, if I gave Mason the whole huge bag, I think he would eat it all in one sitting. Or at least he would try. He can't get in in his mouth fast enough and is usually double fisting it.

I started off by cutting out hearts out of red construction paper. Then I printed a cute little pirate saying off the computer. I taped the two together, wrote the kids names, and then taped them to the Pirates Booty bags. A little piece of ribbon and the valentines were ready!
Super cute and festive and easy peasy!

Happy Valentine's Eve!


  1. Cute valentine's! Love both the goldfish and the pirate's booty - very creative mama!

    1. Thank you! I can't take all the credit though... pinterest helped a little! :) Haha. I wanted to find something that was edible but that wasn't candy and these seemed too cute to pass up!


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