[BOY MOMS] Katie from Little Man in Mittens

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey everyone!

I'm Katie from the Little Man In Mittens Blog! So excited that I get to be a part of this amazing series on #BOYMOMS! I am the mom of Keegan, my amazing 15 month old, full of personality! He loves to have his picture taken so he makes my job really easy!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited and hoped more than everything that we would be having a boy. I have wanted to have a little boy since I can remember. I had 3 dreams throughout that first trimester that all included baby boys in them. When we went that day to find out the sex, I wasn't even surprised when she said" It's a boy!" Weird how your body knows before you do.

Keegan came into our world in October 2012 and we were over the moon about him. This tiny amazing little person changed our lives forever and yet we were lost on what to do next. He put us through many sleepless nights, but as he grew, time went faster and faster, and we wished it would slow down.

I was incredibly lucky to be able to spend the first year of his life at home with him during the day while working in the evenings. I was there for his firsts: smiling, rolling, crawling and walking. It is a gift I would never take for granted. Being home with him every day allowed me to spend so much time with him, just the two of us and spend time with other moms that I became incredibly close with. We all had babies around the same age and it was fun to get together and share our joys, concerns, tears and advice. I will love those girls forever. It was an amazing experience. (Any new mommy's in the Minneapolis area should really check out Amma Maternity. They made my new mom experience better than I ever thought possible.)

He has become our little dude, crazy monkey, tickle monster and cuddle bug all in a short 15 months. I can't believe all of the things they learn. Once he figured out how to start moving around on his belly, it has been constant, never ending marathon. We are going through a transition in our house in the next few months (more in this post) but I have to say, I love every minute of it of being this guys mommy. He is my favorite, my amazing wonder, my reason to get out of bed each day.

A huge thanks to Elizabeth for featuring me! If you would like to find out more about me and my family, please head on over to my blog, Little Man In Mittens!


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