[BOY MOMS] Heather from Fourth Down and Forever

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey yall, it's Heather from Fourth Down & Forever! Mother of not just one but TWO sweet boys (5 1/2 Brayden & 2 Tate). I am so excited to join in and share my everyday adventures of being a boy mom x 2!

My husband and I met in college. I was a sorority girl and he was a football player. We met in 2004, got engaged in 2006, and married in 2007. Three months after the wedding SURPRISE! I was pregnant {VERY unexpected} but we knew it was all in God's plan and we were so excited to start the journey of parenthood! I had always said I wanted a boy first...and I got my wish! 
May 31st 2008 I gave birth to our oldest son Brayden!

The first time experience of motherhood was MORE than I could have ever imagined. The amount of love I had IMMEDIATELY for that tiny little human was beyond my wildest dreams! 

We knew we wanted more than one but wanted at least 2 or more years between them. At about 2 1/2 he started to tell people he had a little sister and she lived at the park. Three months before Brayden's 3rd birthday we found out we were pregnant! Everyone was very excited, ESPECIALLY big brother. At first when we asked Brayden what he wanted he would say a sister. We took him with us to the gender appointment so we could all find out together. The whole family was hoping for a girl and so were we. When we were getting the ultrasound the sonographer asked him if he wanted a brother or sister. He said brother and she said "Well that's what your getting!" He smiled so big. My husband on the other hand quickly said "I don't mean to sound rude but how good are you at your job? And how many times have you been wrong?" I wanted to crawl under the table! WHO says that?!?! 

After the initial shock that we were going to have TWO boys we were very excited! My husband is a football coach so he immediately started calculating to see if they would get to play high school football together & they will!

My pregnancies & labors couldn't have been more different. Probably due to chasing a 3 year old around, working full time {until the day before delivery} and being a coaches wife! They weighed the exact same 6lbs 12 oz and were 1 inch different in length! Everyone says I had twins 3.5 years apart.

Nothing in this world is more precious to me than watching my boys grow up together and enteract with each other on a daily basis. We had by far the best experience with Brayden welcoming little brother into the family!

They LOVE being outside. They love cows, horses and all things country! 
They are ALL boy & our pride and joy! 

I couldn't be happier God blessed us with not just one but TWO little boys! Every day is an adventure and you never know what's next! We look forward to watching them grow and learn together.

Now to decide if we want anymore. Currently up for discussion daily in our house! If we do I'm sure it will be another boy which is great with me!!! 


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