February Citrus Lane Box

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mason got his second Citrus Lane box in the mail on Friday and to say he was excited about it would be... a lie. To be honest, he had no idea that he received a box in the mail but mama was pretty excited! Since I had to work on Friday and then we had some Valentine's plans, I waited until Sunday to open with with Mason.

To be totally honest, when I opened the box, I was actually the most excited about these Boon Dive Appliques. They are basically these little foam toys to play with in the bath in the shape of different water animals. I'd been eyeing them for forever on Amazon and was so excited they were in our box!

He also got this cool blue silicone bowl from Oogaa. I had never heard of the brand before but it seems like a pretty great bowl. I love that it is silicone because when (not if) Mason throws it off his high chair table, it won't break! We also got this really beautiful book called Starlight Sailor which was obviously more interesting to Mason than the bowl. Kids and their priorities! Ha. He actually sat there and looked through the book for a good couple of minutes which is a win in my book!

After Mason played with all of his new goodies, I came to my favorite part of the box... something for me! It was a tube of Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream from Juice Beauty. I am usually pretty skeptical about trying new lotion. I don't really consider myself a "lotion snob" but I guess I must be considering that statement! Ha. The main thing I don't like is the oily-ness leftover on your hands after you put on lotion. I often use lotion at work or right before I need to go somewhere and I don't want to have lotion-y hands where my pen will slip out of my hand or I feel like I am getting oily-ness on everything I touch. So, I figured, it's free, I might as well try my new lotion and... I love it! Honestly. It seems to be a little thicker than my regular, everyday lotion, which also made me skeptical. But I put some on my hands, rubbed it in, and no oily-ness leftover and my hands were no longer dry! I think this may be my new go-to lotion! Honest. And the best part about the lotion? There is a coupon for for $10 off any purchase of $40 or more on their website through 4/30/14. Score! Might have to check out what else they have to offer :)

That night I was pretty excited about letting Mason play with his new water toys so when it was bath time, I happily took Mason and his new toys upstairs. I put the toys in the bath with him and showed him how to stick them to the bath tub. Unfortunately, Mason was more interested in eating them or throwing them ALL over the edge of the tub and into my lap than playing with them. At least he had fun :)

Also, a side note, today is Mason's 19 month birthday! Where did the time go? How is he now closer to TWO than to ONE?! Time needs to slow down!
A very happy, happy 19 month birthday to my little man!


  1. We have the same whale spout cover and the basketball hoop for the tub! We love bath time over here! Cool stuff in your citrus box this month!

    1. Mason LOVES the whale spout and the basketball hoop! He dunks everything in it...basketballs, boats, you name it! Haha.


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