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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last Saturday, we went to our friend's son's first birthday party. They had this amazing Mexican food for lunch and we pretty much stuffed ourselves full on that. Our friend, Vickie, rode with us to the party and came to hang out after we got back. Though we were still stuffed hours later, I brought up the topic of dinner. Seth threw out the idea of pizza and I immediately shot him down (sorry Seth!). I already had my mind set on sushi and thankfully everyone else agreed.

We headed over to the sushi place after Mason woke up from his nap and decided what we were going to get. I remembered back a couple months when we had a picnic at the park. We had walked to the sushi place and then headed over to the park to eat. Mason was all over our edamame and our sushi.
That was the day that his love for edamame was born.

I figured, he loved edamame and seemed interested in eating our sushi, so we should get him his very own California roll! He would love it! He's liked the rice I have given him from mine in the past and he loves avocado so I figured he would be all about it.

Seth and Vickie shared some crazy named rolls and I got a shrimp crunch roll. We ordered some edamame and some vegetable tempura. We got Mason his very own California roll. I was so excited!

As I thought, Mason was all about the edamame. He gobbled it up faster than we could open the little pods.

Then came the California roll.

He was intrigued...

And then two seconds after this picture was taken, he spit it out. Like the open mouth, let all your food fall out of your mouth, spit it out. Go figure. I bet $100 that if I had had that California roll on my plate, Mason would have been all about it. But since it was on his plate, he wanted nothing to do with it. Kids.

So, we tried plan B. We gave him some of the veggie tempura. And... HE LOVED IT. 
He couldn't get enough of it.

Even though Mason didn't seem to like the California roll this time, I still intend on trying again. I think it's important to expose him to new foods. He has been kinda funny about food these days, loving one thing one day and hating it the next. At least we know he will eat the edamame and the veggie tempura if all else fails! And it was fun introducing him to new things!


  1. He looks so much older sitting there! Did he have a growth spurt? :)

  2. Those are the same things I give Myles when we go out for Japanese. He hasn't quite figure out the sushi yet but he like to eat the rice off the outside and he loves shredded crab meat from the rolls. I couldn't believe it when he kept wanting more and more! Mason is way too cute trying out those foods! What a cultured young man :)

    1. Mason loved my rive before so I have no idea what happened! I swear he would have eaten it if it was on my plate. Crazy kid. Has Myles tried edamame yet? I'm sure he would love it!

  3. I'm excited to try sushi with Mac (once I'm not pregnant and can eat it again). I think he'd also be a big fan on edamame and tempura! Yum! He's so cute!

  4. Kids really are too funny. Hate it one day love it the next. Totally agree on exposing them to lots of foods though.

  5. Cute!! Isn't it fun trying new things and watching as your little once experiences something for the first time?! I've heard from a few friends also that their kids love edamame, we'll have to try that soon. :)

    1. It's so fun seeing him try new things! His little eyes light up and it's so awesome to see him like the things we give him. I definitely recommend edamame!


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