[It's the Little Things Link Up] Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This year's Valentine's Day was an especially fun one because we got to celebrate for 3 days! How lucky are we? The festivities started on Thursday for Mason when they celebrated at daycare. Luz always decorates her place SO CUTE for each holiday. She also makes lunch and snacks for the kids all day so we don't have to pack anything. It is so awesome what she does for each holiday. She also took a picture of the kids to send to the parents on Valentine's Day which was an extra bonus!

On Friday, actual Valentine's Day, I had to work. Boo! Seth had off since it was his Friday off so he and Mason got to spend the day together. I was so jealous and 3:30pm couldn't come fast enough so I could get home to my Valentine's. Come 3:30pm, I was out of there and went home to spend the rest of the day with Mason and Seth. This is when the best Valentine's Day happened. I got home and let Mason open up his gifts. I got Mason a couple little gifts because...well, I could always use a good excuse to buy him some new things!

I actually picked up the Melissa and Doug animal magnet set when they were on sale at Target a couple weeks ago and had been so excited to give it to Mason since then. I also ordered him the Little Blue Truck Leads the Way since he loves the Little Blue Truck so much. In my personal opinion, I like the Little Blue Truck Leads the Way better. Both are great but I like this one more. Maybe because it's new? And I picked up this Spiderman bubble gun as well. Mason LOVES (and I think love is an understatement) bubbles. LOVE. We literally can't get the bubbles out of the container fast enough and he wants more. So I figured, why not get him something that can have a continuous stream of bubbles? And I was not wrong! He LOVED this too! Valentine's Day was a win for mommy in the gift department! I got Seth a couple gifts too... some candy and the Bruno Mars CD but didn't take any pictures of him opening his presents :) He did like them just as much as Mason liked his gifts though!

We immediately opened the magnets and put them on the fridge. Mason was so excited about them and played with them for a good 15 minutes. A win in my book!

I taught him what a bird says (tweet tweet) and what a doggy says (bow wow) and now when I say "where's the tweet tweet?", he picks up the bird and shows me. This kid! He is so smart! He can also point out the bow wow but the tweet tweet is definitely his favorite!

After the magnets became old news, we went for a walk over to the park. We brought Mason's new bubble gun and had a BLAST.

We took a family photo (BEST one yet!!!! SO excited that Mason smiled!), blew a few more bubbles, and headed home for dinner. This was also when Seth informed me that Mason knows how to give real kisses now. Like leans in for a wet, open mouth kiss on the lips.
He's been giving real hugs recently where he puts his arms around you and puts his head down on your shoulder but now he gives real kisses to. 

We came home and I made Mason's dinner while Seth made ours. Mason had chicken nuggets, pasta, blueberries, and strawberries while Seth and I had steak, artichokes, and pasta.

Luz had sent home some cute little cupcakes the day before so we let Mason have one for dessert.

Mason went to bed at 8pm and Seth and I had some wine and enjoyed hanging out with each other. I was reveling in the memory of what a fun day we had and thinking about how excited I was that I finally didn't have to work a single weekend day and could sleep in on Saturday (ha! not with a toddler but a girl can dream, right?)

Then Saturday Seth and I got to celebrate together by going out to dinner, just the two of us. My wonderful, generous friend Vickie offered to babysit and we decided to take her up on the offer. We went to Stonefire Grill for dinner and Sprinkles ice cream for dessert. DELICIOUS.

Seriously, the little things like fridge magnets and bubbles and wet, open mouth kisses made this Valentine's Day the BEST Valentine's Day to date!

Linking up today with Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley from Words About Waverly to share our Valentine's Day because really, it was the little things that made the day so amazing!


  1. Looks like Mason had a lovely Valentine's!!

  2. Looks like a great Valentine's Day, such special 'little things'!! I've been thinking about getting those magnets for our little guy, great for learning animals/sounds too. We (I) love the Little Blue Truck book, I didn't know there were others, how fun. :)

    1. There is one other in the series just called The Little Blue Truck. Then there is Red Truck (also by the same author I think?) and we love all three!

  3. Sounds perfect! Wet kisses are the best! Noah has started blowing on my cheek making a "farting" like noise. It cracks me up and now I request them constantly!

  4. I really like those animal magnets! I might have to get those for Myles. He loves learning about different animals and he's getting to know their noises too. It's so cute, huh?! Looks like you guys had an awesome VDay with Mason :)


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