[Countdown to Halloween] Decorating Pumpkins with Melted Crayons.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A couple weekends ago, I found some pumpkins at Trader Joe's that I just had to have. You know, because they're cute and small and colorful. HAD to have ;) Anyway, I knew I wanted to try to do some sort of art project with some of the mini white ones, so I got to searching Pinterest. I remembered a pin that I had pinned last year (or maybe the year before? or the year before that? ha!) that I had wanted to try -- melting crayons on top of pumpkins so they drip down and make a pretty pattern. Seemed simple enough, I thought we could try it. I should have known better, but I thought it seemed easy and surely it would be a Pinterest win, right? Wrong.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating
Adapted from Crafty Morning

Materials Needed
- white pumpkin, any size
- crayons
- glue
- hair dryer

- unwrap the crayons
- break the crayons apart
- using the glue, glue as many pieces of crayons on to the pumpkin as will fit (she suggested 16, but my pumpkins were smaller and couldn't fit as many)
- after the glue has dried, use the hair dryer to melt the crayons

A couple bits of advice... DO NOT USE CHEAP CRAYONS. You see the two pumpkins in the front? I used those cheap Paw Patrol crayons that we had. The melting was terrible and splattered all over and looked watery to me. So I re-did it and used Crayola crayons and it worked MUCH better. The melt was a bit thicker and covered the pumpkin better. So don't skimp on the crayons! Splurge that extra dollar or two to get the real thing.

Oh and DO make sure to glue the crayons down before you start. Silly me was like "why do we need to glue them down? that's a waste of time!" but turns out... if you don't glue them down, they just blow away when you turn the hair dryer on. Duh. Should have thought of that.

I had high hopes that my pumpkins would look like the one in the picture but they... don't. BUT regardless, Mason and I had a good time breaking the crayons, glueing them on to the pumpkins, and using the hair dryer. And to me, that's all that matters.

Have you been doing anything fun and Fall or Halloween related? 
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  1. What a fun project to do with Mason! My Mason would love it too. 1.) breaking crayons is fun for some reason and 2.) it's messy! Boys love messes. Great tips! We'll be sure to by the real crayons and glue them down. They came out so cute!

  2. Those are so cool!!! Love the blue and green ones!

  3. Those turned out so pretty!! About how long did you have to dry them for? Short enough for a toddler attention span? ;)

  4. Fun project! We did that on canvas once and they turned out really neat too.

  5. bahaha laughing this whole post. But I LOVE how they turned out even the watery ones. I want to do this now =) I hadn't seen a 'real' person try it before so I figured it would turn out terribly if I tried it. So even if they aren't pinterest perfect, they are so fun!! I need some pumpkins and crayons stat. Think the pumpkin patches will be open in a hurricane? no? Me neither. The fall fests are all canceled until next week too. blah blah

  6. Lol my first thought was why do you have to glue them down and was already thinking about skipping that part! They turned out so cute. Me definitely have tons of crayons and a bunch of white pumpkins, so I might have to do this with Mase.

  7. Its settled Crayola really IS the best crayon lol. Ive always wanted to try this too. Maybe this will be the year?

  8. This is such a fun idea! I know Marcus would love to put a hair dryer to the crayons! And, for the record, I would have totally skipped the glue part at first, too.

  9. I learned that the cheap crayons really aren't as great when I made those heart crayons for valentines. Crayola is simply the best! And while yours might not look like the picture, I think they turned out great! And the "watery" ones just look more pastel :)

  10. I love them! They turned out do great! We are going to do this too.

  11. Oh I love love love this. I may do this, this weekend with Connor and Macie.

  12. What a cute project! I think they turned out great! But I totally understand feeling disappointed when they don't look like the Pinterest photos - that happens to me all the time!

  13. This is so fun and the cheap crown advice is great. I TOTALLY would have grabbed the cheap ones. I guess Crayolas really are the best!

  14. We totally need to do this!! I've done the project on canvas before, and I agree - Crayola all the way!!

  15. I think the cheap ones look great too! This is an awesome craft that I bet Abigail would love! I should totally give it a try.

  16. Hahaha- I was definitely laughing reading this post. Even if yours didn't turn out as planned, they still look good! I probably wouldn't have glued them down at first, so good tip to know! :)


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