Northern California Trip // Days 4 and 5

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm back today to continue sharing some more of our trip to Northern California. 
If you missed Days 1 and 2, you can find them here and Day 3 here.

On Day 4 we headed out of the city and into the hills - the Berkeley Hills to be exact - to my dad and step mom's house. We had planned on spending the second half of our trip with them so we left the city after our breakfast of Starbucks and Noah's Bagels (SO GOOD) and headed more inland to their house.... BUT not before we snapped a couple pictures in front of this gorgeous mural wall that was in the hotel parking lot.

The Bay Bridge

We arrived late morning and Mason made himself right at home from minute number one. His first stop was to show Grandma and Grandpa all his new Hot Wheels cars and to build a track down the stairs in the backyard. He was in heaven!

After we explored the backyard for a while (and made a huge mess of their house *cough Mason cough*), we decided to take their dog, Leo (whom Mason referred as Lee-low and I thought it was the cutest thing EVER) for a walk down by the beach and have some lunch.

After we got back, Mason had a popsicle and looked way too big sitting in the big boy chair and we hung out outside, I admired all the green (we don't have much of that in Southern California these days), and we had dinner.

The next day my step mom had big plans for us -- we were going to see trains! The place was about an hour and a half away and I'd never been so I was pretty excited to go - probably almost as much so as Mason. We arrived around 10am and were easily there until at least 3pm. We rode the train (an electric street car) and explored the trains on display. You could walk in some of the train cars that were there and it was so cool to explore such old train cars and see what they used to look like so many years ago. They even had train cars from all over - one was even from Australia!

I was so happy that my step mom found this place. Though I grew up in Northern California, I had never been here or even heard of it so it was fun to explore with Mason.

After we were done at the train museum, we drove the hour and a half home, played with more Hot Wheels on the steps and with "Lee-low", and went to bed so we could have more fun the next day!

And that's a wrap on Days 4 and 5!


  1. Man those train museums are so stinking cool. Someone else posted a photo of one and it instantly made me want to go.

  2. WOW!!! What an amazing day with the trains. I bet Mason was in absolute heaven. I know Cam would have been. What a special thing to do together and the memeories!

  3. What an awesome museum! California seems to have so many cool museums like that. Reese would LOVE it. And now I'm going to try and come up with a date when we can take a vacation to California again :)

  4. What an awesome museum! Especially for a train lover! :) Great visiting with your dad and step guys sure had some full days!

  5. Mason is so cute walking with ‘Lee-low’!!! Your dad and step mom’s backyard looks pretty dreamy! My Mason would love that train museum!

  6. Lee-low lol. Cuteness. We don't have an official baby name yet but we have a short list that we haven't been able to get any shorter lol. I ran them all past Aria's ability to say them. It's almost worth it to pick a name based on how big sibling can pronounce it =)
    I bet your dad and step mom loved the visit and the fam, and Lee-low probably was a fan of the walk. Feel free to come visit and walk Lizzy. Baxter would probably resent you but Lizzy would be in heaven. And hey you have similar names...

  7. Your dad and step-mom's place looks so amazing! And they have green in their yard?! Must be nice!
    That railroad museum looks like little boy heaven! I can see why you spent so much of your day there. And so cool that you got to ride an electric car, too!


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