[Fall Mug Exchange] Goodies Revealed + a $50 Starbucks Giveaway!

Monday, October 10, 2016

When we announced the mug exchange a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that there would be something exciting to go along with it. Well, my friend, today is the day to reveal our goodies and I'm excited to also reveal a little surprise at the end of the post too (though if you read the title of my post, I full on gave it away).

For the mug exchange, I was partnered with Sabrina. Sabrina doesn't have a blog for me to link you to, so since I wasn't sure how she'd be sharing her goodies, I took a few pictures before I sent her her package.

If you know me and my love of Starbucks and Disneyland then you probably already know what I got her.

My VERY favorite Starbucks mug from Disneyland!!! You guys. This is my very favorite mug ever. Ever. I love it so much that I even bought the mini version that is a Christmas tree ornament. (sad, but true. I also have the "cold cup" version. #obsessed). Sabrina told me that this was her very first exchange that she was participating in (no pressure) and that she was really excited. So since she lives in Wyoming, I thought I'd send a little bit of California to her. I hope she liked it!

I also included a little bag of my favorite Ghirardelli chocolates (sea salt caramel!) just because. I mean, coffee and chocolate go hand in hand, right?

When my package arrived on my door step, you better believe I was excited. I mean, first of all, it wasn't a bill and second of all, it was for ME, not Mason. All those packages you may have seen me posting about on Instagram, yeah pretty much all of those were for Mason. #spoiled

This time I was so excited to be spoiled by Sabrina! She sent me this super cute mug with a leaf on it and explained to me that the theme of her box was Fall. Well, I think she did an excellent job getting her theme across. Not only did she include that super cute mug, but she also sent some candies (which I may or may not have already eaten) and some Bath and Body Works shower gel. You guys. That shower gel. smells. amazing. It smells like candy. If you have a Bath and Body Works near you and you like pumpkin things, do yourself a favor and get some of this stuff. I bet they even have lotion too that would smell just as amazing!

Thank you so much Sabrina! I love it all!

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And because we love mugs and coffee (especially Starbucks!) so much, we thought we'd share our love with you and offer a $50 Starbucks gift card giveaway! Say what? That's a lot of pumpkin spice lattes (or whatever your favorite drink is)!

Giveaway starts on October 10, 2016 and runs until October 16, 2016. Winner will be notified by Stephanie. Good luck!

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  1. I love the goodies you sent to her. You and those Disney mugs just make my heart happy. The mug and goodies you received are awesome!!! I love them and those chocolates bring back so many memories from my childhood.

  2. Aaaahhhh the mug you sent her is so pretty.I bet that shower gel smell UH-mazing and your mug looks like fall perfection. I need to pick up some of those candies for the girls too. I bet they would love them.

  3. Such a great mug for fall! Love the one you sent, too!

  4. If I knew you'd be my partner I would have joined - I love that mug! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. That mug you sent Sabrina is so beautiful! I love what you received , too. Love the theme!

  6. Oh it's perfect! I've got to get to Bath and Body Works for all of their fall goodies! And of course I adore what you sent her!

  7. I'm so envious of those Starbucks Disney mugs! Love what you sent her, and she did a great job too!

  8. So much fun! I love that you both sent little goodies to go with the mugs, too cute!

  9. Those are both great boxes! Sent and received! I love mugs. I have too many!

  10. What a fun package!!! I bet that Bath and Body Works body wash smells amazing!

  11. Aw DANG! I want a DL mug!!!!! :)

  12. I love your mug. And the chocolates are soooo good. Love that wash!

  13. Eeee, yay!! I'm glad that you liked it all. My first exchange was so much fun. Thanks Liz! :)

  14. Sabine did such a great job for her first exchange! With everything that she included you'd think she was a old pro!
    And, you know I adore the mug you sent her way! I STILL don't have any of the DL 'bucks mugs... How is that even possible?!

  15. I love your Disneyland mug and that you got the ornament version! And who doesn't love a fall filled gift!!!

  16. Bahahaha "wasn't a bill" is the best kind of mail! I love the mug you sent and the one you got completely reminds me of Fall. We have that fragrance of shower gel in our wallflower right now. It smells so good.


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